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ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System and CellReporterXpress Image Acquisition and Analysis Software.

Molecular Devices Launch Imaging system and Analysis Software

Added: 17 Jun 2017

Molecular Devices LLC has launched the ImageXpress Nano Automated Imaging System and CellReporterXp…

SpectraMax DuoLuc reporter assay principle

SpectraMax DuoLuc Reporter Assay Kit

Added: 11 May 2017

Molecular Devices has broadened its assay kits portfolio with the SpectraMax DuoLuc Reporter Assay …

spectramax id3 instrument

Expanding The Boundaries of Microplate Reader Functionality - The Molecular Devices’ SpectraMax iD3

Added: 23 Feb 2017

The SpectraMax® iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader from Molecular Devices is fully designed and confi…

river of cells molecular devices

ebook covering the acquisition and analysis of 3D cellular images

Added: 10 Jan 2017

With growth of new 3D cell culturing techniques and even whole organism models, image acquisition a…

High-content imaging

High-content imaging system with 3D analysis software

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 28 Apr 2016

Molecular Devices has launched the ImageXpress Micro 4 High-Content Imaging System and 3D image ana…

quantitation of ATP using bioluminescence

Highly sensitive quantitation of ATP using bioluminescence

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 4 Feb 2016

An application note is now available from Molecular Devices showing you how to get highly sensitive…

nucleic acids ebook

Detect Nucleic Acids In Your Experiments

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 13 Jan 2016

An eBook on how to detect Nucleic Acids is now available from Molecular Devices.

ImageXpress Micro Confocal High Content Imaging System

Prize for ImageXpress micro confocal system

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 22 Oct 2015

Molecular Devices has been awarded the New Product Innovation Award for the ImageXpress Micro Confo…

Molecular Devices

Molecular Devices to attend FENS

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Bioanalytical systems firm will be showcasing its range of instruments at FENS Forum 2014 in Milan …

EMax Plus microplate reader

Latest microplate reader and washer

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 30 Apr 2014

Molecular Devices launched the EMax Plus microplate reader and MultiWash microplate washer at the a…

Imaging cytometer

Next-generation imaging cytometer

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 12 Dec 2013

Molecular Devices has announced the next-generation SpectraMax MiniMax 300 imaging cytometer.

SpectraMax i3

Evolving microplate detection platform

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 4 Sep 2013

SpectraMax i3 from Molecular Devices is the Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform that evolves o…

SpectraMax i3 microplate system

Microplate detection system

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 31 Jul 2013

The upgradeable multi-mode system is equipped with spectral absorbance, fluorescence and luminescen…

Axon Digidate 1500

Molecular Devices to showcase Axon Digidata 1500

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 13 May 2013

The low-noise data acquisition system will be exhibited at French Neuroscience 2013 later this mont…

The SpectraMax i3 microplate

Molecular Devices to exhibit at LaboTec Suisse

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 9 May 2013

Molecular Devices will showcase its SpectraMax i3 multi-mode microplate reader and AquaMax Washer.

The SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader.

Molecular Devices showcases SpectraMax

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 25 Mar 2013

Molecular Devices showcased its SpectraMax i3 during <Interact> 2013 in Munich last week.

Multi-mode microplate detection platform from Molecular Devices

Launch of multi-mode microplate detection platform

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 26 Feb 2013

Molecular Devices has announced the launch of its SpectraMax i3 multi-Mode detection platform.


Microplate platform added to SpectraMax line

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 21 Jan 2013

Molecular Devices has developed a novel platform combining a plate reader with an imaging cytometer.


Real-time super-resolution system for MetaMorph

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 4 Dec 2012

The system extends the limits of light microscopy to enable online analysis of cell compartments at…


Upgrade available for SoftMax Pro GxP software

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 28 Nov 2012

Molecular Devices has launched its SoftMax Pro 6 GxP software for data acquisition from microplate …