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Porvair Sciences reagent reservoirs

Wide Range of Reagent Reservoirs

Added: 29 May 2018

Available in 96- and 384-well configurations - Porvair Sciences reagent reservoirs are designed for…

Persomics ImagineArray platform

Cell Based Screening Array Enhances Drug Discovery

Added: 30 Apr 2018

Porvair Sciences has collaborated with Persomics Inc. (Waltham, MA, USA), to develop and supply ANS…

Black Krystal UV Quartz bottomed microplate

Circular Dichroism Measurement in Microplates

Added: 16 Apr 2018

Porvair Sciences introduces black Krystal UV Quartz bottomed microplates that offer optical transmi…

96-well Multi-Tier Microplate System

Multi-Tier Microplate System for High Throughput Chromatography

Added: 10 Apr 2018

The patented 96-well Multi-Tier Microplate System (MTP) from Porvair Sciences and sister company JG…

Streamlining ChIP-Seq Library Preparation

Added: 9 Mar 2018

Porvair Sciences launches UniqSeq - a new ChIP-Seq library preparation kit.

A Guide to Microplate Closure and Sealing

Guide to Microplate Closure and Sealing

Added: 9 Mar 2018

Porvair Sciences, in conjunction with sister company JG Finneran Associates Inc., has produced a gu…

Porvair Sciences silicone impact support mat

Impact Support Mats Protect Microplates During Centrifugation

Added: 13 Feb 2018

Porvair Sciences has extended its range of silicone impact support mats to protect deep well microp…

ChIP-Seq kit (v.1.5) is optimised to work from fresh and frozen extracted tissue

High Performance ChIP-Seq kit for Fresh & Frozen Tissue Samples

Added: 29 Jan 2018

Porvair Sciences' improved Chromatrap ChIP-Seq kit (v.1.5) is optimised to work from fresh and froz…

Porvair Full Catalogue

Microplates & Microplate Equipment Catalogue

Added: 29 Jan 2018

Porvair Sciences' have produced a product catalogue packed with vital information on the company's …

Porvair will be exhibiting at Analytica Hall A1, Stands 523 and 526

Microplate & Chromatography Products at Analytica 2018

Added: 22 Jan 2018

Porvair Sciences will showcase its latest microplate and chromatography products at Analytica 2018 …

Porvair Sciences Ltd. will make its TV debut on 7 January

Porvair Sciences to Feature on Sky TV

Added: 3 Jan 2018

Porvair Sciences Ltd. is hitting the small screen in a special showcase of its healthcare expertise.

UK/Chinese Collaboration to Develop Innovative Technologies for Epigenetic Analysis

UK/Chinese Collaboration to Develop Innovative Technologies for Epigenetic Analysis

Added: 18 Dec 2017

Porvair Sciences are teaming up with Suzhou Tianlong Bio Technology Co Ltd (China), Swansea Univers…

Chromatrap DNA kits are all free from salts, contaminants and inhibitors

Easy-to-use, Easy-to-Choose DNA Purification Kits

Added: 21 Nov 2017

Chromatrap has launched an affordable, easy-to-use range of DNA kits for routine molecular biology …

The video shows how to use the solid-state filter microplate

Biological Sample Preparation Using a Protein Precipitation Plate

Added: 19 Nov 2017

Porvair Sciences has published video showing how to use a solid-state filter microplate to remove i…

Porvair Sciences's 'FlowerPlate' microplate was developed and manufactured with and for m2p-labs in Germany

Speciality Microplate for Microbial Research

Added: 1 Nov 2017

Porvair Sciences's revolutionary 'FlowerPlate' microplate was developed and manufactured as an OEM …

Chemically Resistant Pierceable Microplate Cap Mats

Added: 17 Oct 2017

Porvair Sciences has introduced a range of pierceable cap mats from sister company, JG Finneran Ass…

Kits can achieve results with samples as small as 500ng

ChIP Assays from Nanograms of Starting Material

Added: 10 Oct 2017

Chromatrap's solid state patented technology allows for ChIP-seq assays to be routinely performed f…

Porvair Sciences offers a range of equipment designed to enable sample preparation and improve productivity.

Microplate Products for Drug Discovery

Added: 20 Sep 2017

Porvair Sciences offers application-optimised microplates and high-performance microplate equipment…

Krystal 384 black microplate

Krystal Microplate Enables Development of Drug Testing Assay for Plasmodium vivax

Added: 7 Sep 2017

The Krystal 384 black microplate from Porvair Sciences is being used by the National Center for Bio…

Deep-Well Plate Selection Guide

Deep-Well Plate Selection Guide

Added: 30 Aug 2017

Porvair Sciences has published a guide to help users improves their background knowledge and make s…