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Starlab’s Mixer HC Thermomixer

Laboratory Thermomixer becomes multi-functional lab assistant

Added: 14 Apr 2019

Starlab’s Mixer HC Thermomixer is a multi-purpose, multi-functional unit designed to help speed up …

CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units Featured In Video

Added: 15 Feb 2018

STARLAB’s patented CytoOne® Bottle Top Filtration Units are perfect for filtering Fetal Bovine Seru…

Starlab improve pipette tip design with greener TipOne tips

Added: 8 Sep 2017

Thanks to extensive customer feedback, Starlab, manufacturers of TipOne® Pipette Tips, the original…

ErgoOne pipettes

ErgoOne pipettes from Starlab

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 30 Jun 2016

Pipettes are confronted with multiple tasks that must be exact and precise. Starlab UK says reliabi…

Starlab's latest range of disposable gloves

Hand protection 'for all' applications

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 31 May 2016

The Starlab range of StarGuard disposable gloves is designed to offer daily protection in the labor…

Starlab CytoOne Tissue culture plates

STARLAB’s CytoOne tissue culture plates ease edge effects

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 29 Feb 2016

CytoOne premium tissue culture plates from STARLAB feature chimney wells that are designed to reduc…

Less plastic means even less waste

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 21 Feb 2007

An improved design and manufacturing process for the TipOne Refill has been completed and all 'wafe…

David Bellamy presents Starlab with Green Apple

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 7 Dec 2006

Starlab (UK) has been awarded Green Champion in the science and technology sector of the 2006 Green…

Clearly a quality pipette

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 18 May 2006

Perfect for use with all popular pipette controllers, these certified serological pipettes are avai…

Here's a tip you'll want to use again

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 18 May 2006

Manufactured in accordance to ISO 8655, TipOne Repeat offers high accuracy and precision at an econ…

A new Starlab catalogue is born

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 12 Jan 2006

Laboratory consumables featured in the catalogue include microcentrifuge and screw cap tubes, deepw…

PCR workstations that really save your samples

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 16 Jun 2005

Workstations offer UV sterilisation and a controlled environment for PCR applications to minimise t…

Here's a tip to save the planet

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 14 Jun 2005

Starlab says its green office policy mirrors the 're-use, refill, recycle' philosophy of its enviro…

On-the-bench centrifuging is more convenient

STARLAB (UK), Ltd | Added: 13 Jun 2005

His mini centrifuge has the conventional six-place microcentrifuge tube rotor (six 0.5, 1.5 or 2.0m…