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Pharmacology 2018 will feature talks from BMG LABTECH

BMG LABTECH sponsor seminar at British Pharmacological Society’s flagship meeting

Added: 30 Nov 2018

Pharmacology 2018 will feature a sponsored seminar session and talks from BMG LABTECH on Microplate…

BMG LABTECH to showcase ‘All Star’ range.

Added: 19 Sep 2018

BMG LABTECH will be showcasing its latest range of microplate readers for drug discovery and life s…

Video Featuring COMPARE Nottingham Highlights Microplate Reader use

Added: 18 Aug 2018

The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), a collaboration between the Universities o…

BMG LABTECH Microplate Readers for Next-generation Sequencing

Added: 19 Jul 2018

Next-generation sequencing (NGS), also called high-throughput sequencing, is an umbrella term used …

BMG LABTECH at the UCL Neuroscience Symposium 2018

Added: 20 Jun 2018

The UCL Neuroscience Symposium, now in its 9th year, provides the perfect opportunity to find out m…

CLARIOstar plate reader

Highly sensitive NanoBRET measurements using the LVF monochromator or filter-based readers

Added: 22 May 2018

Microplate readers from BMG LABTECH feature with sensitive detection designed to get the most out o…

New Atmospheric Control Unit provides versatility for long term cell-based assays

Added: 19 Apr 2018

The new Atmospheric Control Unit from BMG LABTECH permits the study of cell metabolism in microplat…

2018 marks 20 years of BMG LABTECH’s Australian office

BMG LABTECH Australia celebrates 20 years in the APAC region

Added: 21 Jan 2018

BMG LABTECH’s Australian office is celebrating 20 years of innovation and steady growth since openi…

Simplified schematic of the BMG LABTECH’s LVF Monochromator

Patent for Linear Variable Filters in Microplate Readers

Added: 10 Oct 2017

BMG LABTECH has been granted US Patent 9,733,124 for its Microplate Reader with Linear Variable Fil…

BMG Labtech has relaunched its website with a clean, modern look

BMG LABTECH unveils website relaunch: clear, user-friendly and responsive

Added: 26 Sep 2017

Microplate reader manufacturter, BMG LABTECH, has redesigned its website to offer improved search f…

In the course of insulin secretion, the hormone is packed into vesicles

Monitoring of insulin granule packaging in live cells

Added: 23 Mar 2017

BMG Labtech has published an Application Note on the use of ita PHERAstar plate reader for monitori…

BMG's colour scheme will be applied across its product range

Image makeover for microplate reader specialists

Added: 2 Feb 2017

BMG LABTECH has unveiled a new corporate colour identity for roll out across its product range and …

clariostar from BMG Labtech

A versatile microplate reader for many applications

Added: 16 Nov 2016

The CLARIOstar® multimode microplate reader is BMG LABTECH’s most flexible and versatile microplate…

BMG Labtech have released an App note on the use of its CLARIOstar microplate reader

Application note for physcomitrella patens promoter

BMG Labtech | Added: 18 Sep 2015

BMG Labtech has released an App note on the use of its CLARIOstar microplate reader in finding a pr…

SPECTROstar Nano

Authentication and quality testing of distilled spirits

BMG Labtech | Added: 28 Apr 2015

Experts at multi-detection microplate reader firm BMG Labtech have used the company’s SPECTROstar N…


Control unit enhances microplate assays

BMG Labtech | Added: 15 Sep 2014

BMG Labtech is now offering an Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) for its latest microplate reader, the…

Poster: Screening for Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Active Compounds

Screening for Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Active Compounds

BMG Labtech | Added: 15 May 2014

Screening for Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Active Compounds - a poster from the SLAS 2014 poster seri…


Webinar to explore cell-based microplate assays

BMG Labtech | Added: 26 Nov 2012

A webinar on November 28th will discuss optimising cell-based assays in a microplate format.


POLARstar microplate reader used during parabolic flights

BMG Labtech | Added: 18 Oct 2012

The POLARstar microplate reader has been used by German researchers to study the effects of gravity…


Technologies to enhance microplate assays

BMG Labtech | Added: 14 Sep 2012

New systems that improve cell-based and label-free microplate assays will be highlighted at Miptec …