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Priorclave can now offer a complete lab decontamination service via The Decontaminator

Priorclave Extends its Sterilising Support to Laboratories

Added: 18 Jun 2019

Priorclave has extended its support to laboratories by offering a complete lab decontamination serv…

Tactrol 3 is now fitted as standard on all Priorclave laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers

Priorclave Launches Autoclave Controller

Added: 27 May 2019

Priorclave laboratory autoclaves and research sterilisers now all come fitted a technologically adv…

Medlab is the ideal opportunity for Priorclave to feature its full autoclave range

Priorclave Shows Latest Autoclave Advances at Medlab 2019

Added: 20 Jan 2019

Featured sterilisers on the Priorclave stand Z1.A30 at Medlab next month will include a QCS EH100 f…

Priorclave’s Autoclaves add Wi-Fi Connectivity

Added: 3 Sep 2018

Priorclave is introducing Bee Live wifi connectivity as a service upgrade to all Priorclave laborat…

Priorclave C60 top loading autoclave

Lab Autoclave Suitable for Taller Loads

Added: 23 Aug 2018

For laboratories looking to sterilise tall items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer f…

 Ranjit Rai provided a series of training sessions at Medlab

Priorclave Draws in Visitors at Medlab exhibition

Added: 26 Feb 2018

Priorclave has reported successful days at Medlab 2018, with its QCS EH100 laboratory autoclave tak…

Priorclave will be on stand Z1 - C58 at Medlab.

Priorclave Highlights Versatile Front-loading Autoclave at Medlab

Added: 18 Jan 2018

Priorclave will be highlighting the smallest steam steriliser in its range at next month’s Medlab e…

Priorclave will be exhibiting at Medica in Dusseldorf

Energy Efficient Autoclaves at Medica

Added: 13 Nov 2017

Models from Priorclave's range of front loading autoclaves will be highlighted in Hall 3A – stand D…

California State University, Fullerton

Priorclave Wins Prestigious US Contract

Added: 7 Nov 2017

Priorclave has won a contract for shipment to the USA of nine research grade autoclaves - destined …

Ranjit at Priorclave

Silver Anniversary for Priorclave’s Service Manager

Added: 26 Mar 2017

Priorclave's service manager is celebrating 25 years service, after joining the company within mont…

Priorclave Stackable Autoclaves

Stackable Autoclaves from Priorclave

Added: 7 Feb 2017

Priorclave has launched stackable autoclaves to save cost and floorspace in laboratories with segre…

Priorclave will be showcasing one its most versatile front loading autoclaves at the Medlab

Energy Efficient Lab Autoclaves featured at Medlab

Added: 26 Jan 2017

British autoclave manufacturer Priorclave will be showcasing one its most versatile front loading a…

Priorclave has released a 'How to Build' video

Priorclave launches an autoclave How to Build video

Added: 14 Nov 2016

British laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has released a 'How to Build video' which take…

Visitors to stand E02 in Hall 1 will see the QCS EH150

Priorclave Showcasing Energy Efficient Autoclaves at Medica

Added: 7 Oct 2016

Priorclave will be using Medica to showcase some of its latest developments in energy efficient lab…

400 litre Q63 from Priorclave

400 Litre Autoclave from Priorclave

Added: 8 Sep 2016

A 400 litre front-loading laboratory autoclave is the latest addition to the Q63 range of lab and r…

C85 autoclave from Priorclave

Top loading autoclave for robust sterilisation

Priorclave | Added: 3 Aug 2016

Priorclave has launched the C85 top-loading autoclave for effective sterilisation of tall items wit…

 Priorclave has a contract to deliver QCS150 autoclaves to medical centres throughout Northeast Africa.

Priorclave awarded autoclave export contract

Priorclave | Added: 21 Jun 2016

British specialist laboratory autoclave manufacturer Priorclave has been awarded an export contract…

Q63 Autoclave from Priorclave

Cylindrical chamber autoclaves lower sterilising costs

Priorclave | Added: 21 Apr 2016

The Q63 range of cylindrical laboratory autoclaves from Priorclave comprises models with 320 and 50…

Priorclave C40 with legs

Benchtop autoclaves give a clean sweep

Priorclave | Added: 8 Apr 2016

Priorclave's range of benchtop laboratory autoclaves is now available with short stand-off legs to …

The QCS 100 laboratory autoclave

Large autoclave with a small footprint

Priorclave | Added: 7 Dec 2015

Priorclave has developed a 100 litre capacity front loading autoclave specifically aimed at laborat…