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Smooth-flo dispensing and metering system launched

Fluid Metering | Added: 15 Jun 2009

Fluid Metering has introduced the Smooth-flo PDS100, a valveless dispensing and metering system.

Syringe pump designed for continuous operation

KD Scientific | Added: 1 Jun 2009

KD Scientific has introduced the Gemini 88 syringe pump that has two independent pumping channels l…

Ezflow syringe pump launched by KD Scientific

KD Scientific | Added: 6 May 2009

KD Scientific has launched the Ezflow 2010, a battery operated and AC-powered economical syringe pu…

Michael Smith launches micro annular gear pumps

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 14 Oct 2008

Michael Smith Engineers has introduced the MZR 7255 series of micro annular gear pumps.

Fluid Metering launches PDS-100 dispensing system

Fluid Metering | Added: 10 Oct 2008

The PDS-100 from Fluid Metering is a programmable dispensing system that uses precision stepper mot…

Ecofluidic pump is ideal for lab liquid dispensing

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 29 May 2008

Ecofluidic pumps are designed for low-cost, simple liquid transfer, such as filling canisters and c…

Automate and monitor your fluidic systems

Global FIA | Added: 30 Apr 2008

Global FIA has released a new software package called FloZF for automating fluidics systems used fo…

Precision valveless pumps and dispensers

Fluid Metering | Added: 25 Mar 2008

Fluid Metering has released its new 2008 catalogue covering precision dispensers and metering pumps…

Dispensers and pumps for OEM applications

Fluid Metering | Added: 31 Jan 2008

These units are designed for OEM applications requiring the ultimate in performance with exceptiona…

Syrris has launched the new Atlas syringe pump

Syrris | Added: 28 Jan 2008

As the latest addition to the Atlas family of modular synthesis products, the new syringe pump has …

Who needs lab-on-a-chip?

Global FIA | Added: 9 Jan 2008

In response to customer demand, Global FIA says it continues to drive down the size of its versatil…

Pump for injecting radioactive labelled chemicals

KD Scientific | Added: 3 Jan 2008

When pumping radioactive chemicals where a beta or gamma shield must be present, KD Scientific says…

Spill protection for microscopes and lab equipment

KD Scientific | Added: 18 Dec 2007

KD Scientific has introduced the new OS-250, a system which detects spills and leaks before they ca…

Precise smooth flow from micro annular gear pumps

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 22 Nov 2007

Ultra-compact HNP pumps deliver liquids with a precision of CV<1% across flow rates from 0.25microlitres to 1152ml/min for OEM, analytical, biotechnology and other similar applications

Adjunct/antigen mixing in vaccines with emulsifier

KD Scientific | Added: 5 Nov 2007

The KD Scientific model KDS 330 is designed to operate unattended to emulsify eleutherosides and ot…

Small syringe pump suits limited spaces

KD Scientific | Added: 23 Oct 2007

The microprocessor based controller uses a bright display and membrane keypad with a simple, menu-p…

Syringe pump delivers to ten stations

KD Scientific | Added: 11 Sep 2007

KD Scientific has released the new KDS 410, a high pressure syringe pump capable of pushing two, fo…

Nanolitre syringe pump is compact

KD Scientific | Added: 6 Aug 2007

The new KD Scientific Model KDS 310 Nano Pump has been developed for use exclusively with micro syr…

Syringe pumps can be upgraded instead of replaced

Harvard Apparatus | Added: 24 Jul 2007

Both the features and the syringe capacity of the PHD22/2000 syringe pumps from Harvard Apparatus c…

Pump's reliability aids in long term studies

Harvard Apparatus | Added: 9 Jul 2007

The Pump 11 Plus is said to be the most popular laboratory syringe pump because of its high perform…