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Latest Articles

Labcold fridges feature divided drawer system

Labcold | Added: 30 Apr 2009

Labcold fridges/divided drawer system

Labcold offers portable temperature control

Labcold | Added: 24 Apr 2009

portable sample carrier

Labcold introduces 36-litre pharmacy fridge

Labcold | Added: 3 Apr 2009

36-litre pharmacy fridge

Labcold introduces the ULT freezers

Labcold | Added: 24 Dec 2008

ULT freezers

Dickhart to run Labcold's technical services

Labcold | Added: 24 Dec 2008

Labcold has appointed Allan Dickhart as technical service manager.

Labcold introduces the VIP 626 freezer

Labcold | Added: 12 Nov 2008

VIP 626 freezer

Labcold equips institute with cooling solutions

Labcold | Added: 18 Sep 2008

Fridges and freezers

Refrigeration company is 'winning the cold war'

Labcold | Added: 22 Jul 2008

Labcold expands again, taking on additional premises and more staff as well as launching new produc…

Like a fridge over troubled water

Labcold | Added: 9 Jun 2008

Spark-free refrigerators

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