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New range of stablity and photostability chambers

LTE Scientific | Added: 1 Oct 2012

LTE Scientific’s latest range claims to meet the most demanding requirements in the pharmaceutical,…


Autoclave addresses data acquisition and logging issue

LTE Scientific | Added: 3 Sep 2012

LTE Scientific’s Touchclave-Lab autoclave range has been designed to tackle data acquisition in the…

LTE unveils incubator range

LTE Scientific | Added: 8 Mar 2012

IC Incubators

Autoclaves have a reduced carbon footprint

LTE Scientific | Added: 24 May 2011

LTE's Touchclave-R and Touchclave-Lab F

Autoclaves meet need for high-capacity sterilisers

LTE Scientific | Added: 11 Apr 2011

Touchclave-Lab autoclaves

CO2 incubators offer space-saving advantages

LTE Scientific | Added: 27 Aug 2010

Large-capacity CO2 incubators

Autoclaves enhance lab sterilisation efficiency

LTE Scientific | Added: 5 Jul 2010

Multi-purpose autoclaves

LTE to supply large-capacity autoclaves to EBRC

LTE Scientific | Added: 26 Aug 2009

Large-capacity autoclaves

LTE Scientific guide to autoclave suitability

LTE Scientific | Added: 24 Sep 2008

Guide to autoclaves



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