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Pro-Lite Technology
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Pro-lite installs Europe's largest Illumia sphere photometer

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 15 Jan 2013

Pro-Lite has provided the first 3m diameter integrating sphere photometer in Europe for DW Windsor.

Photometric launches light safety service

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 10 Feb 2012

Photometric testing

Brochures describe photometric measurement devices

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 22 Jul 2011

Photometric measurement equipment

Photometric test equipment offered for luminaires

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 6 Jan 2011

Photometric test equipment

Light-measurement equipment available for rent

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 6 Jan 2011

Light-measurement equipment

Spectroradiometers allow characterisation of LEDs

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 6 Jan 2011

Labsphere TOCS spectroradiometers

CFRP breadboards offered for photonics market

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 25 Nov 2010

Carbonvision breadboards

Pro-Lite Technology offers illuminance colorimeter

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 6 Sep 2010

CL-200a illuminance colorimeter

Pro-Lite supplies sunscreen analyser to Alba

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 3 Sep 2010

UV-2000S sunscreen analyser

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