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Food packaging

Bioplastic packaging ‘extends’ shelf life

Added: 3 May 2016

A team of researchers has developed plant-based bioplastic packaging that is designed to extend the…

Fracking shale gas

Fracking ‘unlikely’ to contaminate water

Added: 29 Apr 2016

A study of the abandoned Selby coalfield in Yorkshire suggests fracking is unlikely to pose a pollu…

Scottish flag

Scottish chemical industry rallies collaboration cry

Added: 25 Apr 2016

The Scottish chemical industry has called on all political parties to help deliver growth throughou…

Scientists recruit cyanobacteria to create ‘clean’ chemicals

Added: 25 Apr 2016

German scientists are researching the use of cyanobacteria to provide a more sustainable method for…

Biomass wood

Collaborative group proposes natural carbon use

Added: 19 Apr 2016

Academics and industry representatives have joined forces to develop a new model for decarbonisatio…

Pfizer ends its pursuit of AstraZeneca

Pfizer and Allergan terminate merger

Added: 6 Apr 2016

Pfizer’s $160 billion (£105bn) merger with Irish pharmaceuticals developer Allergan has been termin…

Shear jamming spheres

Researchers make ‘liquid-like’ materials breakthrough

Added: 4 Apr 2016

A study undertaken at the University of Chicago reveals how liquid-like materials can change into a…

‘Giant’ battery connects to grid

Added: 20 Mar 2016

A £4 million battery-based energy storage facility has been launched at Willenhall substation near …

Scientists target PET plastic puzzle

Added: 17 Mar 2016

Researchers around the world are inching closer to halting the environmental damage caused by the p…

Budget 2016: Industry reacts to tax breaks and levies

Added: 16 Mar 2016

Chancellor George Osborne took the opportunity in his first budget of the year to cut taxes for the…

Pounds money sterling cash

Gender pay reporting ‘demands clarity’

Added: 11 Mar 2016

Manufacturers in the UK are calling for greater clarity on the regulations on gender pay reporting …

Beth Thomas 23 Reactor Chemistry Engineer at EDF Energy

Public backs women as engineers

Added: 8 Mar 2016

A survey conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) suggests almost 80% of the p…

High res carbon nanotube

Carbon nanotubes could extend nuclear reactor life

Added: 3 Mar 2016

Research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests small amounts of car…


Enzyme study tackles biofuel efficiency

Added: 2 Mar 2016

A team of researchers has made a ‘significant step’ in understanding the processes naturally-occurr…

UK scientists seek to unlock biorefining processes

Added: 29 Feb 2016

A new collaborative research project has been launched to improve the biorefining processes behind …

Anaerobic fungi

Bovine biomass could ‘revolutionise’ renewables

Added: 22 Feb 2016

A team of UK researchers at Harper Adams University is looking at how fungi found in a cow’s stomac…


‘Smart skin’ mimics real thing

Added: 19 Feb 2016

Researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia have developed …

GSK gets F1 boost

Top pharma firms fined £45m

Rob Smith | Added: 12 Feb 2016

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has fined a number of pharmaceuticals firms – including…

Pounds sterling

Gender pay report ‘disappointing’

Added: 12 Feb 2016

Companies with 250 employees or more will be forced to highlight pay inequality between male and fe…


Manufacturers highlight internet concerns

Added: 9 Feb 2016

A survey conducted by the manufacturers’ organisation EEF suggests broadband connectivity will be i…