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Flavour extraction using the SFT-150

Supercritical Fluid Technologies | Added: 26 Oct 2012

The SFT-150 can achieve pressures up to 10,000 psi for a variety of applications.


IMAG MSDs reduce separation process by 50 per cent

Corning Life Sciences | Added: 28 Aug 2012

Corning has unveiled the Axygen brand IMAG handheld magnetic beads sepearation devices for use in b…


Asia FLLEX enables difficult aqueous work-ups

Syrris | Added: 9 Aug 2012

The Asia FLLEX (Flow Liquid Liquid EXtraction) module is suited to the preparation of samples prior…


Updated supercritical fluid extractor

Supercritical Fluid Technologies | Added: 8 Aug 2012

The model SFT-110, the latest addition to the SFE product line, builds upon the features of its pre…