Latest Product Update

FMI launches miniature, stepper-driven valveless OEM pumps

Miniature OEM pumps from FMI

Fluid Metering | Added: 16 Jul 2013

Fluid Metering Inc has launched its valveless OEM pumps targeted at low and micro-volume fluid cont…

Titan flow meter

Titan launches OEM flow meter systems

Titan Enterprises | Added: 13 Jun 2013

Titan Enterprises is offering a range of OEM, private label and bespoke flow measurement systems.


Flow meter based on research at Cambridge Uni

Litre Meter | Added: 10 Aug 2012

A low flow positive displacement meter based on research at Cambridge University is now available f…

Syringe pumps for fluid-handling applications

Harvard Apparatus | Added: 26 Apr 2011

Harvard Apparatus has introduced a line of OEM syringe pumps designed for specialised solutions for…

System suited for stereotaxic mounted injections

Harvard Apparatus | Added: 24 Feb 2011

The PHD Ultra Syringe Pump drug- and cell-delivery system has been optimised to provide accurate in…

Touch-screen syringe pump from Dorton Analytical

Dorton Analytical | Added: 5 Nov 2010

The Legato 100 touch-screen infusion syringe pump is now available from Dorton Analytical for flow …

KD syringe pump features touch-screen interface

KD Scientific | Added: 15 Oct 2010

KD Scientific has introduced the Legato 100 syringe pump, which be used in flow cytometry, electros…

Catalogue details OEM dispensers and pumps

Fluid Metering | Added: 7 Sep 2010

Fluid Metering (FMI) has released its OEM Fluid Control Solutions catalogue for the medical, analyt…

MSE offers gear pumps for liquids transfer

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 19 Aug 2010

Michael Smith Engineers is offering made-to-measure external gear pumps from Micropump for a variet…

KD Scientific offers Legato 270 syringe pump

KD Scientific | Added: 6 Aug 2010

The Legato 270 syringe pump features an optimised, user-configurable mechanism designed to deliver …

Catalogue features fluid-handling technologies

Fluid Metering | Added: 21 Jun 2010

Fluid Metering has released a new catalogue containing 32 pages of fluid-handling solutions includi…

Global FIA introduces chemiluminescence flow cell

Global FIA | Added: 15 Apr 2010

Global FIA has introduced the Glocel, a high-sensitivity chemiluminescence flow cell that is claime…

MSE offers extended HNP internal gear pump range

Michael Smith Engineers | Added: 29 Jan 2010

The range of HNP positive-displacement internal gear pumps has been expanded to include larger pump…

EZflow system has easy-to-read LED display

KD Scientific | Added: 25 Sep 2009

KD Scientific's EZflow 2010 is a durable basic syringe pump designed to enhance operation while mai…

Syringe pump for laboratory and IV applications

KD Scientific | Added: 18 Sep 2009

KD Scientific has launched the KDS EZflow 2020, a durable syringe pump that is said to be useful in…

Double syringe pump delivers range of flow rates

New Era Pump Systems | Added: 17 Sep 2009

New Era Pump Systems has introduced the NE-4000 Double syringe pump, a member of the NE-1000 family…

KD Scientific launches portable syringe pump

KD Scientific | Added: 31 Aug 2009

KD Scientific has introduced its Ezflow 2030 portable syringe pump, designed to deliver small volum…

Volumetric infusion syringe pump is user-friendly

KD Scientific | Added: 17 Aug 2009

The Ezflow 2040 from KD Scientific is a volumetric infusion syringe pump that has been designed to …

EZFlow 2050 pump delivers continuous infusions

KD Scientific | Added: 5 Aug 2009

The KD Scientific (KDS) EZFlow 2050 disposable infusion pump is designed to electronically deliver …

Syringe pump delivers picolitre flow rates

KD Scientific | Added: 6 Jul 2009

The Pico syringe pump from KD Scientific has both infusion and withdrawal capabilities with accurat…