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Cole-Parmer updates design for top loading balances

Cole-Parmer | Added: 14 Jan 2013

Additional features for Symmetry EC Toploading Balances have been announced by Cole-Parmer.


Cole-Parmer introduces MB moisture balances

Cole-Parmer | Added: 27 Nov 2012

MB balances claim to be an effective and affordable solution to measuring moisture content.

Laboratory balances reduce measurement errors

P+R Labpak | Added: 3 Oct 2011

P and R Labpak are offering a range of micro and analytical laboratory balances from A and D Instru…

OIML weights enables routine testing of balances

Mettler Toledo | Added: 22 Jul 2011

Mettler Toledo is offering a range of analytical and precision OIML weights in classes E1, E2, F1 a…

Cybiofrance introduces Moduloplate Scale200

CyBioFrance | Added: 11 Jul 2011

Cybiofrance has introduced the Moduloplate Scale200, an electronic precision balance in SBS-plate f…

Accessory booklet for Excellence balances

Mettler Toledo | Added: 27 Jun 2011

Mettler Toledo has introduced an accessories booklet for its Excellence range of balances for weigh…

Loadcell mounting kit for earthquake-prone areas

Sartorius Group | Added: 21 Jun 2011

Sartorius is now offering a range of silo weighing products especially designed to meet the extreme…

Filter weighing tool targets automotive industry

Mettler Toledo | Added: 27 May 2011

To keep up with particulate-emissions standards, in particular from diesel vehicles, Mettler Toledo…

Analytical balances enable easy measurement

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 11 May 2011

The ATX/ATY Series analytical balances, now available from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, deliver…

Webinars focus on dosing of powdered substances

Mettler Toledo | Added: 5 May 2011

Mettler Toledo has introduced on-demand webinars covering topics such as enhancing safety, streamli…

Easy-read pharmacy balances improve safety

Mettler Toledo | Added: 11 Apr 2011

Mettler Toledo has introduced a pharmacy-specific range of precision balances, including a professi…

Moisture analyser ensures reliable lab testing

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 6 Apr 2011

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced the availability of the MOC63u moisture analyser with…

Free accessory with Excellence XP or XS balance

Mettler Toledo | Added: 4 Mar 2011

Customers who order a new Excellence XP or XS balance from Mettler Toledo before 30 April 2011 will…

Anachem adds Mettler Toledo information to website

Anachem | Added: 25 Feb 2011

Full product information, pricing and immediate ordering for a range of Mettler Toledo laboratory w…

Compact bench scales for basic weighing tasks

Cole-Parmer | Added: 3 Feb 2011

Cole-Parmer has introduced Symmetry compact bench scales, designed to handle basic weighing tasks a…

Load points and sensors for process weighing

Hardy Instruments | Added: 3 Dec 2010

Hardy Instruments has announced the availability of Advantage load points and sensors for compressi…

Solent introduces low-cost weighing devices

Solent Scale Services | Added: 9 Nov 2010

Solent Scale Services has launched two laboratory balances for use in classroom science laboratorie…

Balances feature internal calibration capability

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 6 Oct 2010

Shimadzu Scientific introduces TW top-loaded electronic balances for manufacturing and quality cont…

Compact weigh module suits industrial environments

Mettler Toledo | Added: 5 Jul 2010

Mettler Toledo has launched the WMC weigh module with an ultra-compact design, making it ideal for …

Moisture balances for production applications

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 7 May 2010

Monmouth Scientific has introduced a range of moisture balances for quality control, production, in…