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Ohaus announces winner of 2009 Gustav Ohaus Award

Ohaus | Added: 29 Apr 2009

Ohaus, a manufacturer of balances and scales, has awarded its 2009 Gustav Ohaus Award for Innovatio…

Dyxim X-rays detect and discharge contaminants

Sartorius Group | Added: 23 Apr 2009

Sartorius has brought out the Dyxim series of X-ray inspection systems, which accurately detects co…

Ohaus releases the VX minimal-setup scales

Ohaus | Added: 22 Apr 2009

Ohaus has introduced the VX Series of rugged, portable, low-profile floor platform and indicator sc…

HI 4050 available in factory-configured enclosure

Hardy Instruments | Added: 14 Apr 2009

Hardy Instruments's HI 4050 weight controller is now available in a factory-installed stainless-ste…

Sartorius introduces Signum Supreme scales

Sartorius Group | Added: 18 Mar 2009

Sartorius has introduced the Signum Supreme series scales offering overload protection, a stainless…

Rate controller features embedded web server

Hardy Instruments | Added: 19 Feb 2009

The HI 4060 is a compact, single-feeder, closed-loop rate controller for use in applications includ…

Cubis handles simple and complex weighing tasks

Sartorius Group | Added: 18 Feb 2009

The Cubis premium balance from Sartorius features a modular design and can be custom-configured and…

Sartorius releases the Cubis premium balances

Sartorius Group | Added: 5 Feb 2009

Sartorius's Cubis premium balance range features a modular design and can be custom-configured and …

Cubis balance can be custom-configured

Sartorius Group | Added: 20 Jan 2009

Sartorius has launched the Cubis, a modular laboratory balance that can be custom-configured and ad…

Ohaus introduces the Voyager Pro balances

Ohaus | Added: 20 Nov 2008

Ohaus's Voyager Pro balances are available in four analytical or 12 precision models.

Mettler Toledo develops global weighing guidelines

Mettler Toledo | Added: 7 Nov 2008

Mettler Toledo has developed Good Weighing Practice (GWP) global weighing guidelines for the evalua…

Ohaus releases the Catapult 1000 bench scales

Ohaus | Added: 31 Oct 2008

Ohaus has added the Catapult 1000 series compact bench scales to its line of measurement products.

Ohaus announces Defender 5000 bench scales

Ohaus | Added: 28 Oct 2008

Ohaus has announced the addition of the Defender 5000 Series bench scales to its line of measuremen…

CI releases tablet/capsule sample-weight checker

CI Precision | Added: 23 Oct 2008

CI Electronics's SP-4C weighs samples of tablets and capsules taken from a production line.

Ohaus introduces precision and analytical balances

Ohaus | Added: 22 Oct 2008

Ohaus, a manufacturer of balances for the laboratory, industrial, education and specialty markets w…

Sartorius and BTS sign Uvivatec agreement

Sartorius Group | Added: 21 Oct 2008

Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Bayer Technology Services (BTS) have signed an exclusive co-operation …

Sartorius launches production management software

Sartorius Group | Added: 15 Oct 2008

Sartorius has developed Probatch Plus software which, used in conjunction with the X-Family, Combic…

Sartorius gives product overview in free catalogue

Sartorius Group | Added: 15 Sep 2008

Sartorius has introduced a free, comprehensive lab catalogue, which includes application references…

Ohaus launches Defender 3000 bench scale range

Ohaus | Added: 10 Sep 2008

The Ohaus Corporation has announced the addition of the Defender 3000 Series bench scales to its li…

Ohaus offers portable bench scales

Ohaus | Added: 26 Aug 2008

Ohaus is offering a portable version of its Ranger series of compact bench scales.