Latest Product Update

pH value is one of the most important quantities in analytical chemistry

Possibilities within pH measurement

Added: 26 Feb 2019

Metrohm’s pH, ion, and conductivity meters are designed to offer robust and highly precise instrume…

DrySyn SnowStorm is regulated by an external thermostatic circulator

Reproducible and Sustainable Low Temperature Reactions and Studies

Added: 26 Feb 2019

The DrySyn SnowStorm range from Asynt is designed to provide an attractive solution for scientists …

Alpha Laboratories has introduced an extra way to collect tokens and plant more trees.

Laboratree Scheme Now Includes ZAP Tip Packs

Added: 25 Feb 2019

Alpha Laboratories is celebrating ten years of its Laboratree scheme with an extra way to collect t…

A USA-manufactured 96-well sample storage plate is now available.

Porvair Launch US Manufactured Microplate

Added: 25 Feb 2019

Porvair Sciences’ 96-well sample storage plate - the round bottom 1ml deep well microplate – is now…

Porex has been named a finalist in the medical category

Porex pronounced 2019 Edison Award Finalist

Added: 24 Feb 2019

Porex has been named a finalist in the medical category of the 2019 Edison Awards for its FORTRESS …

Absolute Carbon Filters go online

Added: 24 Feb 2019

Products from Absolute Carbon Filters Ltd. are now available online, with the option of dealing dir…

Biopharma Group can customise training to meet specific requirements

Training Courses for lyophilisation technologies from Biopharma Group

Added: 20 Feb 2019

Freeze-drying is a crucial method employed in both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries whose …

TOC Testing Without Acidification

Added: 20 Feb 2019

TOC testing in solid samples requires acidification prior to analysis to remove inorganic carbon.

Amprologix secures funding to develop new antibiotic with Ingenza

Amprologix secures funding to develop new antibiotic with Ingenza

Added: 13 Feb 2019

Amprologix, a spin-out of the University of Plymouth, has won a £1.2 million contract from the UK D…

The EdgeTM from CEM provides a valuable alternative to QuEChERS for the extraction of pesticides from difficult matrices

Added: 12 Feb 2019

CEM has produced an application note explaining how their new EDGE instrument, with innovative Q-Cu…

Read the Latest Microbiology Insider From Neogen

Added: 12 Feb 2019

The latest edition of Neogen’s Microbiology Insider publication takes a look at environmental monit…

Flexible 800 series flowmeter / Pulsite Solo display combination

Flexible Flowmeter / Display Unit Combination

Added: 10 Feb 2019

Titan Enterprises have introduced a combination package of 800 series turbine flowmeter and Pulsite…

FlowCam helps understand the behaviour and performance of Reverse Emulsion Breakers in water clarification

Added: 8 Feb 2019

FlowCam® imaging particle analysis technology, from Fluid Imaging Technologies, has been shown in a…

Biopharma is in its 30th year

Biopharma Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Added: 7 Feb 2019

Biopharma Group is celebrating 30 years of expertise in the fields of freeze drying and processing …

SSI has launched the PPSQ-51A and PPSQ-53A gradient system protein sequencers

Shimadzu’s New Gradient System Protein Sequencers

Added: 7 Feb 2019

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has launched the PPSQ-51A single reactor and PPSQ-53A triple …

Biopharma Group is the exclusive distributor of Faster in the UK.

A New Era for Faster s.r.l. Air Safety Products in the UK

Added: 6 Feb 2019

Biopharma Group has become the exclusive distributor of Italian brand, Faster S.r.l.’s clean air an…

edge from CEM

Application Note on Rapid Extraction of PCB’s, PAH’s & Semi-volatile Organic Compound (SVOC) From Soils

Added: 6 Feb 2019

CEM has produced an application note explaining how their new EDGEinstrument, with innovative Q-Cup…

Chromatrap has entered into a partnership with Covaris

Rapidly Standardise and Scale ChIP Workflows

Added: 4 Feb 2019

Chromatrap has entered into a partnership with Covaris to offer a highly scalable and simple ChIP w…

Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube picker

Ziath Launch Semi-Automated Tube Picker

Added: 4 Feb 2019

Ziath will showcase its Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube picker on booth #452 at SLAS 2019 in Washington …

Chromacity 520

Chromacity introduces new ultrafast laser systems

Added: 1 Feb 2019

Chromacity has introduced the Chromacity 520 – a 520nm addition to its family of air-cooled ytterbi…