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Syngene’sGeneSys software is now available with ChemiRapid, Signal Accumulation Calculator

Software Improves Chemiluminescence Imaging Workflow

Added: 13 Jan 2020

Syngene’s GeneSys software is now available with ChemiRapid, Signal Accumulation Calculator (SAC) a…

Syngene’s range of robust gel electrophoresis equipment

Horizontal and Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Equipment from Syngene

Added: 29 May 2019

Syngene launches a range of robust horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis equipment designed t…

Epi UV HI-LED lights transform G:BOX Chemi and G:BOX mini systems into higher-performance imagers

Eco-friendly, EPI UV HI-LED Lights from Syngene

Added: 10 Apr 2019

Syngene has introduced an Epi UV HI-LED lighting option for its G:BOX Chemi and G:BOX mini multi-ap…

InGenius gel imaging system

Syngene Introduces New Red InGenius3 Gel Doc

Added: 22 Feb 2018

Syngene introduces its red InGenius3 gel documentation system, suitable for laboratories looking fo…

Chemiluminescence System Offers Quick and Easy Chemi Blot Imaging

Added: 22 Dec 2017

The new GeneGnome XRQ chemiluminescence imaging system from Syngene offers speedy, accurate and rel…

G:BOX Chemi XRQ features a high resolution,   high quantum efficiency

Affordable multi-application imaging

Syngene | Added: 22 Jan 2014

Scientific Digital Imaging’s Syngene Division has launched the G:BOX Chemi XRQ multi-functional ima…

Maastricht University Science Programme uses SDI’s Syngene G:BOX Chemi

Syngene in use at Maastricht University

Syngene | Added: 21 Aug 2013

Maastricht University is using a Syngene G:BOX chemi imaging system as part of its science bachelor…

Agrico scientists with the GBOX system

Syngene offers its G:BOX system

Syngene | Added: 8 Jul 2013

Agrico Research BV has chosen the image analysis system to visualise DNA markers as part of its dia…

Touch-screen image analysis systems from Syngene

Touch-screen image analysis from Syngene

Syngene | Added: 24 Jan 2013

Syngene has launched the PXi Touch range of high resolution, multi-application image analysis syste…


G:BOX XR5 aids research at Cambridge University

Syngene | Added: 11 Sep 2012

Cambridge University is using the G:BOX XR5 to understand which genes are involved in remyelination.


Transduction reagents for targeted delivery

Syngene | Added: 26 Apr 2012

Bioo Scientific has launched its MyeloAim and NeuroAim transduction reagents for delivery of RNAi a…

Gel image analyser successful in drug discovery

Syngene | Added: 23 Mar 2012

Syngene's G:BOX imaging system is being used by scientists at a UK university to help visualise pro…

Blue light transilluminator improves DNA imaging

Syngene | Added: 8 Mar 2012

Cambridge-based Syngene has unveiled its UltraBright-LED transilluminator designed to safely image …

Syngene introduces its gel imaging system

Syngene | Added: 22 Feb 2012

Syngene has launched the G:BOX F3, a new gel imaging system designed for scientists that want a met…

Versatile gel imaging system from Syngene

Syngene | Added: 25 Jan 2012

Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions is pleased to introduce its new I…

Syngene introduces compact gel imaging system

Syngene | Added: 19 Jan 2012

Syngene bills U:Genius3 as a complete budget gel imaging system

Syngene offers gel documentation system

Syngene | Added: 16 Aug 2011

Syngene has introduced the Geni2 click and capture gel documentation system, which is designed to e…

Syngene documentation system used a to image gels

Syngene | Added: 3 Mar 2011

A Syngene gel-documentation system is being used at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)…

Image analysers detect different protein types

Syngene | Added: 23 Feb 2011

Syngene's range of G:box Chemi image analysers can be used for imaging with infra-red Li-cor IRDye …

Blue light transilluminator does not need darkroom

Syngene | Added: 18 Feb 2011

Syngene's Blue Light Transilluminator light box is designed for safe viewing of fluorescently label…