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Metrohm ion chromatography instruments can be controlled directly using Empower 3

Regulatory Software Compliance within Pharmaceutical Industry

Added: 5 Sep 2017

Ion chromatography instruments from Metrohm can be directly controlled using Empower 3, making it s…

Metrohm's takes pride in its robust systems

Customers rely on robust Metrohm IC systems

Added: 6 Jul 2017

Metrohm cites robust, fully automated inline sample preparation, stable, reproducible results and a…

cecil ionquest

Ion chromatography from Cecil Instruments has many applications

Added: 15 Mar 2017

The IonQuest modular ion chromatography system is well suited to numerous applications within diver…

Metrohm aims to make ion chromatography more accessible with its Eco IC

Making ion chromatography available to everyone

Added: 8 Feb 2017

Metrohm aims to make the power of ion chromatography more accessible with a stripped away product a…

Glyphosate and AMPA in drinking water

Reliable and affordable method for glyphosate analysis

Added: 23 Jan 2017

Metrohm offers an application for the straightforward determination of the herbicide glyphosate and…

Labtalk and Cecil have joined forces

Common questions about Ion Chromatography

Cecil Instruments | Added: 20 Nov 2015

Laboratorytalk has teamed up with Cecil Instruments to produce a series of resources focusing on ke…

Ion chromatography (IC) is a versatile, proven method in food and beverage analysis

Metrohm launches food analysis webinar

Metrohm | Added: 18 Sep 2014

Metrohm will be running a free webinar entitlied ’Ion Chromatography for Food Analysis. Precise, Sa…

Suppression plays a key role in ion-exchange chromatography and conductivity detection.

Suppression for anion chromatography

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 19 Jun 2014

Metrohm has published a brochure summarising the theoreretical aspects and practical benefits of su…

Metrohm's 850 Professional IC was chosen for a study into analysis of arsenic.

Arsenic analysis

Metrohm | Added: 7 Apr 2014

Metrohm’s 850 Professional IC coupled to an Agilent 7700x ICP-MS was chosen for a study into analys…

Although Cr(III) and Cr(VI) are chemical forms of the same element, the effects of the two species o

Intelligent ion chromatography

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 4 Apr 2014

A Metrohm ion chromograph was coupled with an Agilent spectrometer as part of a recently-published …

The 940 Professional IC Vario

Metrohm unveils latest ion chromatographs

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 3 Apr 2014

Metrohm boasts ease of use and lower cost of ownership in its latest range of ion chromatographs.

Ion chromatography application notes from Metrohm

Ion chromatography application notes

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 16 Dec 2013

Metrohm has announced the publication of eight ion chromatography application notes available for f…

Metrohm inline eluent preparation system

Inline eluent preparation for ion chromatography

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 4 Nov 2013

With the 941 Eluent Production Module, Metrohm has integrated inline eluent preparation into the 94…

Metrohm ino chromatography system

Ion chromatography system

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 5 Sep 2013

Metrohm has recently launched its 940 Professional IC Vario ion chromatography system for research …

ICS 5000

Thermo introduces high-pressure ion chromatography

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry) | Added: 2 Apr 2013

Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000 reagent-free system is designed to increase flow rates and extend…


The use of ion chromatography in biodiesel analysis

Metrohm | Added: 31 Jul 2012

A recent study by the University of Campinas in Brazil has confirmed the suitability of ion chromat…

Smooth and versatile ion chromatography

Cecil Instruments | Added: 8 Jun 2012

Cecil’s IonQuest technology features sophisticated conductivity detectors with very high sensitivit…

Food analysis

Metrohm hosts free food analysis seminar

Metrohm (UK) | Added: 16 May 2012

Metrohm UK and Anton Paar will be delivering a seminar on food and beverage analysis on Wednesday 1…

Malvern offers gel permeation chromatography unit

Malvern Instruments | Added: 17 Aug 2011

The Viscotek HT-GPC (high-temperature gel permeation chromatography) system from Malvern Instrument…

Metrohm MIPT technique in ion chromatography

Metrohm | Added: 14 Jul 2011

Metrohm has released a technical article/application note focusing on the use of its Metrohm Intell…