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The Razor high-throughput peptide cleavage system from CEM

Razor, is a simple, elegant high-throughput, peptide cleavage system from CEM that produces higher purity peptides while protecting synthesis instrumentation from harsh cleavage reagents.

Mobile and Adjustable Hospital Bed

Smaller sensors make a big difference

Portability in the healthcare sector is driving a greater demand for smaller sensors, says Honeywell’s Olaf Seelbach.

A glimpse into the miniature world

New measurement techniques are delivering new insights into the character and size of ever-smaller particles, writes Louisa Hearn.

LFRA Texture Analyzer

Analysing the texture of sponge cake

Ametek Brookfield has published an application note detailing the use of its LFRA Texture Analyzer to analyse two commercially available Madeira cakes.

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