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NEPIC launches search for successor to chief executive Stan Higgins

The search is on for candidates for one of the top jobs in the UK chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry – chief executive of the North East of England Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC).

Intravenous infusions are administered directly into the bloodstream

Prevent contamination of intravenous infusions using DLS

An application report from Anton Paar details an experiment which shows how Dynamic Light Scattering can be used to measure particle size and prevent contaminations in intravenous infusions.

Mobile and Adjustable Hospital Bed

Smaller sensors make a big difference

Portability in the healthcare sector is driving a greater demand for smaller sensors, says Honeywell’s Olaf Seelbach.

A glimpse into the miniature world

New measurement techniques are delivering new insights into the character and size of ever-smaller particles, writes Louisa Hearn.

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