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Viscosity and Temperature of Resins - Application Note

Viscosity and temperature measurements of resins using a viscometer

Added: 8 Aug 2016

Lamy Rheology have produced an application file covering the use of their RM100 Touch viscometer fo…

 Gold nanoparticles are relatively stable and non-toxic

Gold nanoparticles: size matters, and so does stability

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 6 Aug 2016

Anton Paar has published an application note detailing the use of its Litesizer 500 in determining …

For every chromatin preparation, it is essential to check the chromatin is sheared to fragments between 100-500 bp

Making the most of ChIP

Porvair Sciences | Added: 6 Aug 2016

Chromatrap has published a technical article that discusses and describes methodologies to increase…

Interga pipette

Guide for liquid transfers between labware formats

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 11 Jul 2016

Integra has published an application guide demonstrating the benefits of its electronic adjustable …

Pipette Tip Quality Influence on Experimental Results

Pipette tip quality – influence on experimental results

Anachem | Added: 6 Jul 2016

Anachem has published a white paper detailing the effect of pipette tip on final result quality.

The quality of edible oils and fats needs to be ensured and documented

Quality control of edible oils and fats

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 4 Jul 2016

Anton Paar has published an application note on the quality control of edible oils and fats using i…

RapidOxy was used to measure the stability of lubricating greases

Stability of lubricating greases

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 30 Jun 2016

Anton Paar has published an application report on the use of its RapidOxy in measuring the stabilit…

Anton Paar's Report analyses sugar and stevia

Analysing sugar and stevia in soft drinks

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 28 Jun 2016

Anton Paar has published an application report on the analysis of sugar and stevia in soft drinks u…

Thin film structures of various materials are currently studied widely

Temperature-dependent GISAXS studies on thin films

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 2 May 2016

Anton Paar has published an application note on Temperature-dependent grazing-incidence smallangle …

Retsch Mixer Mill MM 400

White paper: cryogenic sample preparation suitability

Retsch (UK) | Added: 28 Apr 2016

The latest white paper from Retsch provides information on the most suitable materials for cryogeni…

The purity of aviation fuel can be determined via a viscosity measurement

Report into viscosity of aviation fuel

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 20 Apr 2016

Anton Paar has published an application report on the use of its SVM 3001 viscometer for reliable d…

Liposome biopharma

Liposomes Deliver for a New Generation with High Pressure Homogenisation

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 7 Mar 2016

Liposomes are important vehicles for delivering drugs, and other biologically active compounds, wit…

Ice Crystals in Blood

Latest developments in the freeze drying of red blood cells using biomimetic apatites

Biopharma Technology Ltd | Added: 11 Feb 2016

A collaborative project between The University of Cambridge, the European Union ITN project SNAL an…

quantitation of ATP using bioluminescence

Highly sensitive quantitation of ATP using bioluminescence

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 4 Feb 2016

An application note is now available from Molecular Devices showing you how to get highly sensitive…

fatty acid preparation

CEM addresses fatty acid preparation for food labelling

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 25 Jan 2016

CEM, an innovator in microwave technology, have addressed the preparation of fatty acid methyl este…

nucleic acids ebook

Detect Nucleic Acids In Your Experiments

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 13 Jan 2016

An eBook on how to detect Nucleic Acids is now available from Molecular Devices.


Understanding common particle size analysis methods

Retsch Technology GmbH | Added: 11 Aug 2015

A whitepaper published by Retsch Technology looks at the advantages and drawbacks of three common p…

Wheaton sample integrity

White paper: Chromatography sample integrity

WHEATON UK Limited | Added: 15 Jul 2015

WHEATON is offering a white paper that reviews the standard available formats for high-throughput p…

Flir Systems' latest technical note

Too cool?

Flir Systems | Added: 1 Jul 2015

FLIR Systems has published the ’Cooled versus Uncooled Thermal Imaging’ technical note in Chinese, …


Analysing cocaine on currency

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 24 Jun 2015

Sample analysis technology firm Shimadzu has released an application note that describes a method f…