Latest Case Studies

University specifies PF and F agar-drying cabinet

PFandF | Added: 3 Mar 2011

PF and F has recently completed the production of a bespoke agar-drying cabinet for the division of…

Fume extraction system benefits museum exhibit

Purex | Added: 6 Mar 2009

Purex International has donated a fume extraction system to the Museum of Science and Industry in C…

Change in lab procedure allows ductless operation

Safety Cabinet Solutions | Added: 11 Feb 2009

Safety Cabinet Solutions have completed a contract for AEA Technology, Oxford, UK, involving change…

Hospital pharmacy unit is state-of-the-art

Extract Technology | Added: 30 Jul 2008

One of the largest facilities for the manufacture of specialist medicines in the NHS for patients a…

Cancer laboratory robot works inside Bigneat hood

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 21 Jul 2008

Bigneat recently completed installation of a Labs biological safety enclosure for cancer research a…

Ductless fumecupboard export to Vietnam

Safety Cabinet Solutions | Added: 17 Jan 2006

Safety Cabinet Solutions has successfully completed the export of a state-of-the-art Toxicap 1016 d…

Sales success for microbiological safety cabinet

Safety Cabinet Solutions | Added: 12 Jan 2006

KC3 class III MSC is manufactured in compliance with EN12469 2000 (the British and European Standar…

Exporting flow cabinets to Saudi Arabia

Safety Cabinet Solutions | Added: 10 Jan 2006

Safety Cabinet Solutions exports both a carbon filtered SCS F824 800mm wide ductless fumecupboard a…

Enclosures for cell culture systems

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 21 Oct 2004

Bigneat collaborates with Hamilton to provide enclosures for a fully automated cell culture system

Histology lab goes ductless

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 29 Jul 2003

Relocation of the histology laboratory at UCL's Queen Square Brain Bank could have been expensive, …