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Lab Equipment Parts Exchange Programme From LC Services

Replacing laboratory equipment can be costly and system downtime can have a negative impact on your business operations. With the lab parts exchange programme from LC Services, you can purchase a rec…

Johnsons Laboratory Logistics assist the Pirbright Institute Relocation

Johnsons Laboratory Logistics have made case studies available online at their website to show exactly how well major laboratory moves and re-organisations can be handled by their highly trained team…

Mobile and Adjustable Hospital Bed

Smaller sensors make a big difference

Portability in the healthcare sector is driving a greater demand for smaller sensors, says Honeywell’s Olaf Seelbach.

Mitigating implicit bias in your laboratory

In the ongoing battle for workplace equity, diversity and inclusion, we are all responsible for our own actions. Here, we discuss how we may all become a little more self-aware and how we must contin…

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