Latest Product Update

The UltraVap Mistral XT 150

Robot Compatible Solvent Removal Workstation

Added: 15 Jan 2020

The UltraVap Mistral XT 150 from Porvair Sciences provides automated dry down of organic solvent-ba…

Syngene’sGeneSys software is now available with ChemiRapid, Signal Accumulation Calculator

Software Improves Chemiluminescence Imaging Workflow

Added: 13 Jan 2020

Syngene’s GeneSys software is now available with ChemiRapid, Signal Accumulation Calculator (SAC) a…

Laboratory scale kit for safe heating of round bottomed flasks

Laboratory Scale Kit for Safe Heating of Round Bottom Flasks

Added: 10 Jan 2020

The DrySyn Scholar Kit from Asynt has been designed to meet the safety requirements of academic lab…

Datapaq 5 will run from any computer on a local network or over the internet

Reading 2D-Barcoded Tubes Directly at the Point of Storage or Retrieval

Added: 6 Jan 2020

Ziath will be launching its web-based 2D-barcoded tube identification product – Datapaq 5 – at at S…

The SLS Team Receive their Newcastle University Award

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Recognised as Excellent Supplier

Added: 3 Jan 2020

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) has been named best supplier in the ‘Best Cost Saving Initiati…

MiniVap Nitrogen Blowdown evaporator

Compact Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporator

Added: 30 Dec 2019

The MiniVap Nitrogen Blowdown evaporator from Porvair Sciences is purpose-designed for research and…

Porvair Sciences black plates are precisely manufactured to applicable ANSI/SLAS dimensions

Black Microplates for Light Sensitive Samples

Added: 19 Dec 2019

Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of high quality, black microplates that minimise sample deg…

The PCE-228 from PCE Instruments

PCE model available with pH and additional probes

Added: 18 Dec 2019

The long-established PCE-228 from PCE Instruments offers several extra probes in addition to the pH…

Spring Freeze Drying Workshop from Biopharma Group

Added: 13 Dec 2019

The Biopharma Group’s Freeze Drying Theory & Hands-on Workshop will be the opportunity for attendee…

BMG Labtech have sponsored three short talks

Sessions in novel microplate luminescence methods at BPS Pharmacology 2019

Added: 11 Dec 2019

BMG LABTECH’s three talk session at Stand 5 of BPS Pharmacology 2019 will focus on ‘Introducing nov…

High pressure reactor array for Integrity 10 reaction station

System for High Pressure Reaction Screening

Added: 9 Dec 2019

Asynt has developed a novel high-pressure reactor array that integrates directly with their Integri…

Food safety is an issue of significant and growing importance

Tracking Samples to Improve Food Safety

Added: 4 Dec 2019

Ziath has launched a competitively priced starter kit for organisations involved in food research, …

Porvair’s filtration range includes 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates

High Performance Filtration Microplates

Added: 2 Dec 2019

Porvair Sciences has expanded its range microplates with a optimised for filtration applications.

Porvair has developed a range of filters for a leading supplier

Porvair Secures Major Contract for Pipette Tip Filters

Added: 22 Nov 2019

Porvair Sciences has developed a range of pipette tip filters for a leading separation science supp…

Eco Scientific has been working with Pointe Scientific Inc since 2008

Supplying Pointe Clinical Analysers and Reagents to the UK and Europe

Added: 20 Nov 2019

The Eco Scientific medical division has been working with Pointe Scientific Inc since 2008, selling…

Prolonged manual pipetting puts users at risk of developing hand, neck and shoulder injuries

Improving ergonomic pipetting in the laboratory

Added: 18 Nov 2019

Electronic and manual pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences are designed to improve ergonomic pipetting…

Lab Innovations 2019 was the biggest to date

Record breaking numbers for Lab Innovations 2019

Added: 17 Nov 2019

Lab Innovations 2019 trumped all previous events with more than 3,860 attendees and 84 per cent of …

The Ziath range of CryzoTraq 2D-barcoded cryogenic tubes

2D Barcoded Tubes for Sample Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

Added: 16 Nov 2019

The Ziath range of CryzoTraq 2D-barcoded cryogenic tubes enable cryogenic storage of biological spe…

Priorclave has an eco-friendly theme for Medica 2019

Lab Autoclaves with Eco credentials at Medica 2019

Added: 15 Nov 2019

Priorclave will be returning to the British Pavilion for Medica 2019,  where its eco-friendly produ…

Edinburgh Instruments Ltd Announces New Partnership with Bio-Rad

Added: 13 Nov 2019

Edinburgh Instruments has marked the launch of the RM5 Raman Microscope by announcing its partnersh…