Latest Product Update

Bluetree Group has worked round the clock to convert its 45,000 square foot facility

Bluetree Group to manufacture industry standard surgical masks in the UK

Added: 1 Jul 2020

Bluetree Group is to become the first UK business to manufacture type IIR-medical grade face masks …

IPC Video Helps You To Choose The Best Cleaning Products For Your Laboratory Applications

Added: 29 Jun 2020

A new video from International Products Corporation helps you to determine which cleaning products …

Abingdon Health announces expansion of UK rapid test manufacturing capacity

Added: 24 Jun 2020

Investment in state-of-the-art automation enables Abingdon Health to adapt to rapidly growing demand

SARS-CoV-2 IgG assay is available in markets accepting the CE Mark.

Access SARS-CoV-2 IgM assay available in markets accepting the CE Mark

Added: 22 Jun 2020

Beckman Coulter’s Access SARS-CoV-2 IgG assay is now available in markets accepting the CE Mark.

Starlab’s Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks

Dual-function vented cap from STARLAB

Added: 22 Jun 2020

STARLAB’s Polycarbonate Erlenmeyer Flasks are suitable for the cultivation of bacteria, yeast and f…

The ReactoMate DATUM from Asynt

User-Friendly Support System for Laboratory Scale Reactions

Added: 20 Jun 2020

The ReactoMate DATUM from Asynt is a high quality, dual-rod stainless steel and aluminium support s…

UN3373 Medical Sample Carriers are a popular choice with medical couriers and for hospital transport

Complete Solutions for COVID-19 Sample Collection and Transport

Added: 12 Jun 2020

As a specialist in UN3373 sample transport packaging, experts at Alpha Laboratories’ can help and a…

Optimised packages offer reliable tracking of patient samples

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sample Tracking Packages

Added: 12 Jun 2020

Ziath has introduced two optimised packages for reliable tracking of patient samples submitted for …

Guardian 7000 from Ohaus

‘Telepathic’ hot plate stirrer that thinks about safety

Added: 5 Jun 2020

OHAUS launches the Guardian 7000 with patented Guardian Angel features to protect labs and users fr…

Alpha Labs swabs can help achieve COVID testing targets

Swabs for COVID-19 Testing

Added: 5 Jun 2020

Alpha Laboratories offers a broad range of swabs to help meet daily targets for COVID-19 testing.

Business Ready Programme for COVID-19 Recovery

Business Ready Programme for COVID-19 Recovery

Added: 30 May 2020

SOCOTEC has developed ‘Business Ready’ to help organisations prepare to resume operations in the wa…

Incucyte Systems Provide a Real-Time platform

Real-time Quantitative Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis — from within your incubator

Added: 30 May 2020

Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis Systems are real-time quantitative live-cell imaging and analysis platf…

A complete ChIP protocol can be conducted in less than five hours.

ChIP Kits for High Throughput Antibody Validation

Added: 27 May 2020

Porvair Sciences’ Chromatrap ChIP kits are designed to provide an outstanding solution for antibodi…

Peak Scientific launches the TOC 1000

Peak Scientific launches the TOC 1000 gas solution for TOC analysers

Added: 21 May 2020

Peak Scientific has released its latest gas solution specifically for TOC analysers, the TOC 1000.

ACF is still open for business

Absolute Carbon Filters is open for filter sales

Added: 13 May 2020

Absolute Carbon Filters Ltd. (ACF) continues to meet filter needs whilst protecting staff and custo…

INTEGRA’s electronic pipette range is being used in leukaemia research

INTEGRA is ASSISTing leukemia research at the Cancer Institute

Added: 8 May 2020

Researchers at the Cancer Institute, University College London, are using INTEGRA’s electronic pipe…

VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette

Improving ELISA workflows with pipetting solutions

Added: 8 May 2020

The VIAFLO 96/384 handheld electronic pipette from INTEGRA is designed to improve ELISA workflows b…

The XPR Analytical balance now features a larger touchscreen

Larger Touchscreen from METTLER TOLEDO

Added: 3 May 2020

The XPR Analytical balance from Mettler Toledo  is designed to offer operators an easy, tablet-like…

A pass-through autoclave with sterilising chamber can maintain a sterile path in and out of the laboratory

Creating a Lab Sterile Waste Transit Path

Added: 3 May 2020

A Priorclave pass-through (double-door) research grade laboratory can provide a sterile path in and…

Trilogy TAPS software has been integrated with Matrix Gemini configurable LIMS.

Autoscribe Integrates Field Sample Planning and Scheduling Management

Added: 1 May 2020

Autoscribe Informatics has integrated Trilogy TAPS sample planning and scheduling management softwa…