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arsenic microwave digestion

Arsenic levels in rice evaluated using microwave digestion

Added: 17 Mar 2017

Evaluation of the levels of many dangerous compounds in foodstuffs, such as those containing arseni…

CEM Dairy industry

CEM for all stages of the process control of dairy products

Added: 21 Feb 2017

CEM systems and instrumentation are ideally suited for analysing all aspects of the production of d…

CEM protein

Bioportide peptides and CEM microwave technology combine to open up a new avenue in human contraception

Added: 16 Jan 2017

A novel bioactive cell-penetrating peptide with sperm-immobilising action has been produced using C…


NMR breakthrough from CEM makes fat analysis even simpler and more accurate

Added: 9 Dec 2016

CEM’s ORACLE uses breakthrough NMR technology to produce the first rapid fat analyser that can anal…

iWave technology from CEM

CEM’s proprietary iWave technology replaces fibre optic probes

Added: 24 Oct 2016

The iWave™ contactless in-situ temperature sensor, developed by CEM, uses light emitting technology…

CEM environmental pollutants

Microwave Reaction System used in environmental laboratories assesses pollutants

Added: 4 Oct 2016

CEM says its MARS™ 6 Microwave Reaction System improves efficiency in environmental laboratories wh…

CEM new UK refurbishment

CEM’s UK facility undergoes extensive renovation to address increased demand

Added: 2 Sep 2016

CEM, leading pioneers in the use of microwave technology for chemical analysis, research and develo…

cem analyser moisture in food

CEM highlights the importance of food content labelling

Added: 20 May 2016

Mars Incorporated are going to classify some of their food products, such as Dolmio sauces, as suit…

CEM usp image

Microwave digestion instruments for metals analysis sample preparation

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 1 Apr 2016

CEM’s closed vessel microwave digestion instruments are designed to allow for fast, simple, and saf…

fatty acid preparation

CEM addresses fatty acid preparation for food labelling

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 25 Jan 2016

CEM, an innovator in microwave technology, have addressed the preparation of fatty acid methyl este…

The new SMART 6

Moisture/Solids analyser produces results in 60 seconds

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 27 Oct 2015

CEM, a provider of scientific solutions for critical laboratory and industrial applications, has ad…

The best dairy duo

Protein and fat analysis systems from CEM

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 8 Oct 2014

The Sprint and SMART Trac 2 analysers from CEM Microwave provide fast, accurate test results for a …

Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesiser

Rapid peptide synthesis from CEM

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 5 Aug 2014

CEM Corporation has launched the Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesiser to maximise t…

CEM Discover SP-X

Automated microwave system improves performance

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 6 May 2014

The latest microwave platform from CEM is designed to reduce solvent usage and extraction times.

CEM microwave peptide synthesis

Microwave peptide synthesis technology

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 16 Oct 2013

CEM has introduced its range of microwave peptide synthesis technology designed to alter the paradi…


A modern obsession with fat analysis

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 28 Nov 2012

CEM describes how Alcontrol is using the SMART Trac II Fat Analysis System to make substantial savi…

Mars system

Microwave chemistry benefits explained

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 23 Oct 2012

CEM outlines the advantages of using microwave technology in the laboratory.

Discover SP-D Microwave Synthesis system improves sample preparation

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 19 Apr 2010

CEM has unveiled its Discover microwave synthesis SP-D technology, which is said to change the way …

CEM Microwave Technology - latest company news

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 1 Mar 2010

1 March 2010 - CEM has announced the formation of a new subsidiary headquartered in Tokyo with an a…

Microwaves in Chemistry conference, April 2007

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 21 Feb 2007

CEM is sponsoring the fifth international Microwaves in Chemistry conference at Imperial College in…