Latest Product Update

A Guide to Microplate Closure and Sealing

Guide to Microplate Closure and Sealing

Added: 9 Mar 2018

Porvair Sciences, in conjunction with sister company JG Finneran Associates Inc., has produced a gu…

The Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion system from Anton Paar

Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion at its best

Added: 5 Mar 2018

The Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion system from Anton Paar combines the concept of the company’s…

The miVac DNA centrifugal sample concentrator

Efficient Concentration of Nucleic Acids

Added: 5 Mar 2018

The miVac DNA centrifugal sample concentrator from Genevac is purpose-designed to efficiently remov…

Metrohm Mira DS

Handheld Material Identification System makes job of first responders safer and easier

Added: 4 Mar 2018

Metrohm launches Mira DS, designed to identify illicit substances and explosives at the touch of a …

Olympus’ GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope

Inspect metal components faster with Olympus’ GX53

Added: 4 Mar 2018

Olympus’ GX53 inverted metallurgical microscope features MIX observation for clear imaging of struc…

METTLER TOLEDO precision balances

Latest Technology for Accurate, Flexible Results

Added: 4 Mar 2018

METTLER TOLEDO’s XPR and XSR precision balances are designed to help ensure users get the critical …

Spectrum is helping ISSP achieve its record goals

Spectrum’s digitiser is key for world’s highest indoor magnetic field

Added: 4 Mar 2018

The International MegaGauss Science Laboratory, part of the Institute Solid State Physics (ISSP) at…

Asynt’s bespoke ReactoMate met specific requirements at Imperial College London.

Bespoke Reactor System for Chemical Engineering Research

Added: 1 Mar 2018

Asynt has supplied and installed a ReactoMate laboratory reactor system within the Department of Ch…

 ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

INTEGRA offers hands-free multichannel pipetting

Added: 1 Mar 2018

INTEGRA has launched the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to put automated pipetting within reach of vir…

Radleys has its own training programme for scientific glassblowers

Carrying the torch for scientific glassblowing

Added: 1 Mar 2018

Radleys has started its own training programme to address the problem of scientific glassblowing be…

Stuttgart University chose a Spectrum AWG for its experiments

Spectrum’s AWG controls physics experiment at Stuttgart University

Added: 28 Feb 2018

The Stuttgart University has chosen a Spectrum Arbitrary Waveform Generator for experiments in whic…

Nexera Mikros Microflow Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry System

Shimadzu LC-MS/MS System Balances High Sensitivity with Ruggedness and Elegant Design

Added: 27 Feb 2018

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has launched the Nexera Mikros Microflow Liquid Chromatograph…

AMSBIO has launched a range of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neural stem cells

Isogenic Panels of Neuronal iPSC Derivatives

Added: 27 Feb 2018

AMSBIO has launched a range of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neural stem cells (NSCs…

Asynt can tailor existing designs or create bespoke designs

Optimised Bespoke Glass Laboratory Reactors

Added: 26 Feb 2018

Asynt is facing increasing demand for its bespoke glass laboratory reactor systems, optimised to me…

 Ranjit Rai provided a series of training sessions at Medlab

Priorclave Draws in Visitors at Medlab exhibition

Added: 26 Feb 2018

Priorclave has reported successful days at Medlab 2018, with its QCS EH100 laboratory autoclave tak…

InGenius gel imaging system

Syngene Introduces New Red InGenius3 Gel Doc

Added: 22 Feb 2018

Syngene introduces its red InGenius3 gel documentation system, suitable for laboratories looking fo…

TEL moves into the ovens marke

TEL expands range to ovens market

Added: 22 Feb 2018

Temperature Electronics Ltd (TEL) has expanded its range to include a range of sustainable digital …

Buehler Metallography Techniques and Fundamentals Classes from March

Added: 22 Feb 2018

Illinois Buehler is offering SumMet Metallography classes in the United States, Germany and the Uni…

Astell’s new sliding door circular chamber autoclave range

Circular chamber autoclaves with sliding door offers potential cost and space savings

Added: 21 Feb 2018

Astell Scientific is introducing a range of circular chamber sterilisers fitted with sliding doors …

Calibrating the Bellingham + Stanley RFM300-T and RFM900-T refractometers

Added: 21 Feb 2018

Bellingham + Stanley, a Xylem brand, have produced a video to show just how simple it is to calibra…