Latest Product Update

Porvair Sciences

Porvair Acquires J.G. Finneran Associates Inc.

Added: 10 Apr 2017

Porvair Sciences welcomes J. G. Finneran Associates into the Porvair family following its acquisiti…

ADP 450 polarimeter

Temperature Control on New ADP450 polarimeter

Added: 5 Apr 2017

Bellingham + Stanley’s new ADP450 polarimeter uses patented XPC technology to control the temperatu…

Vision Air 2.0 software

Vis-NIR spectroscopy software for superior user experience

Added: 4 Apr 2017

Metrohm has launched Vision Air 2.0 software for Vis-NIR spectroscopy.

Correct weight handling with carbon-tipped tweezers

Cleaning and Storage Tips To Help Keep Test Weights Accurate

Added: 2 Apr 2017

Mettler Toledo has published a guide to handling and storing test weights to keep them accurate.

Ametek Brookfield Texture Analyser

Measuring Noodle Texture for Perfection

Added: 2 Apr 2017

Ametek Brookfield has published an article on the use of its Texture Analyser in creating the perfe…

Several cocoa samples were tested using RapidOxy

Testing cocoa mass stability

Added: 27 Mar 2017

Anton Paar has detailed the testing of processed cocoa sample stability using its RapidOxy.

Ranjit at Priorclave

Silver Anniversary for Priorclave’s Service Manager

Added: 26 Mar 2017

Priorclave's service manager is celebrating 25 years service, after joining the company within mont…

Lean Laboratory improves efficiency

Understanding 'lean' in the laboratory

Added: 26 Mar 2017

Mettler Toledo has published an online expertise library designed to help users debunk myths about …

Intravenous infusions are administered directly into the bloodstream

Prevent contamination of intravenous infusions using DLS

Added: 23 Mar 2017

An application report from Anton Paar details an experiment which shows how Dynamic Light Scatterin…

Beckman coulter application LS13 320

laser diffraction particle size analysers in studies of soil granulometry

Added: 23 Mar 2017

Beckman Coulter have produced an application note reporting on how soil scientists are using their …


Beckman Coulter expands CytoFLEX range

Added: 22 Mar 2017

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has expanded the multi-parameter capabilities of its patented CytoFLE…

Honeywell Hydranal product line

Honeywell launches double-certified reference materials

Added: 22 Mar 2017

Honeywell Research Chemicals has launched its first series of Hydranal double-certified reference m…

QuantuMDx has invested in the Asynt range of non-ducted laboratory filtration and fume benchtop cabinets

Non-Ducted Cabinet Enables Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Added: 20 Mar 2017

Life sciences tools and diagnostics developer QuantuMDx has invested in the Asynt professional rang…

 AMETEK Brookfield CT3 Texture Analyser

Texture Analyser helps prevent problems on the fill line

Added: 20 Mar 2017

Ametek Brookfield's Texture Analyser is designed to help predict flow behaviour during the filling …

Uniqsis Flow-UV

Novel UV-Visible Detector for In-Line Flow Chemistry

Added: 17 Mar 2017

Uniqsis Ltd has introduced Flow-UV - an in-line UV-Visible spectrophotometric detector for flow che…

Alex 500 measures all parameters in all production steps

Reliably analysing craft beer

Added: 17 Mar 2017

Anton Paar's Alex 500 alcohol and extract meter for craft beer represents a reliable lab-grade anal…

Integra's new website formats automatically to different devices

INTEGRA Launches Device Responsive Website

Added: 17 Mar 2017

INTEGRA has launched a responsive website ensuring visitors automatically enjoy a perfectly formatt…

Porvair Ultravap Mistral

Versatile Automation Friendly Dry Down Station

Added: 17 Mar 2017

Porvair Sciences has introduced a new version of its Ultravap Mistral automatic dry down station - …

arsenic microwave digestion

Arsenic levels in rice evaluated using microwave digestion

Added: 17 Mar 2017

Evaluation of the levels of many dangerous compounds in foodstuffs, such as those containing arseni…

Responsive new website from Titan

Titan Launches Responsive Website

Added: 15 Mar 2017

Titan Enterprises has launched a responsive website which automatically ensures visitors enjoy a pe…