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Stuart vortex range

Stuart adds vortex to its range

Bibby Scientific | Added: 4 May 2016

Stuart, a Bibby Scientific brand, has added the SA6 Vortex Mixer to its range.

Bibby and british science week

Children experiment in real lab during British Science Week

Bibby Scientific | Added: 7 Mar 2016

Bibby Scientific has announced it will be hosting up to 200 local school children to attend a serie…

Electrothermal mantles

Bibby Scientific 'burn-off' process

Bibby Scientific | Added: 7 Jul 2015

Bibby Scientific has announced that Electrothermal now provides a free ’burn-off’ process for all n…

Stuart has launched a range of Undergrad hotplate stirrer kits

Stuart hotplate stirrer kits for stirring applications

Bibby Scientific | Added: 5 Mar 2015

Bibby Scientific’s Stuart brand has launched a range of Undergrad hotplate stirrer kits that offer …

The Prime Pro 48 has 400 associated qPCR detection kits

Enhanced block-based qPCR performance from Techne

Bibby Scientific | Added: 30 Jan 2015

Techne has launched the Prime Pro 48 qPCR system, designed to provide greater accuracy and higher q…

The Electrothermal Paraffin Section Flotation Bath

Paraffin section flotation bath from Bibby

Bibby Scientific | Added: 22 Oct 2014

Electrothermal from Bibby Scientific is updating its Histology range with a Paraffin Section Flotat…

Techne adapter

Hybridisation adapter for thermal cycler range

Bibby Scientific | Added: 1 Oct 2014

Techne has extended its Prime range of thermal cyclers with the addition of a new in situ hybridisa…

Bibby Scientific offers a range of equipment to support testing of food products

Bibby Scientific provides reliable food testing

Bibby Scientific | Added: 4 Mar 2013

Bibby Scientific offers products from the Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands.

New Combi-Block from Techne

Combi-Block added to Prime Thermal Cycler range

Bibby Scientific | Added: 25 Jan 2013

Techne’s latest Combi-Block has a capacity of 66 tubes and an optional 25°C temperature gradient.


Updates for the PrimeQ real-time PCR system

Bibby Scientific | Added: 12 Dec 2012

Techne has released new documentation and software updates for the PrimeQ real-time PCR system.


Hotplate stirrers from Stuart boast ease-of-use

Bibby Scientific | Added: 26 Nov 2012

Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers from Stuart claim to fit effortlessly into all kinds of laboratory sett…

Techne Prime Thermal Cycler Range

Prime Elite for scalable, high-throughput PCR

Bibby Scientific | Added: 5 Nov 2012

Techne has introduced the Prime Elitee PCR thermal cycler designed to meet high-throughput needs.


Shock-proof electromantles improve safety

Bibby Scientific | Added: 31 Oct 2012

Electrothermal Electromantles feature earthed screens and double fusing.


Roadshow to showcase Bibby instrumentation

Bibby Scientific | Added: 30 Oct 2012

Bibby Scientific will be demonstrating its technology at Fisher Activate Science.

The Genova Nano 3 in 1 spectrophotometer

Bibby Scientific | Added: 17 Oct 2012

The Genova Nano incorporates Jenway’s microvolume accessory with the life science measurement modes…


IQ/OQ documents for the 6850 spectrophotometer

Bibby Scientific | Added: 28 Sep 2012

Jenway has made Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification documents available for it…

Operation of a Jenway 73 Series spectrophotometer

Bibby Scientific | Added: 30 Aug 2012

Bibby Scientific has published an online set of videos about the Jenway 73 Series spectrophotometer…

Producing rapid results using micro-volume spectrophotometers

Bibby Scientific | Added: 23 Aug 2012

Two new application notes from Jenway demonstrate accuracy and precision of the Genova Nano micro-v…


Prime thermal cyclers upgraded with touch interface

Bibby Scientific | Added: 1 Jun 2012

Techne's thermal cycler range has been redesigned to provide easier programming and increased instr…


Jenway launches micro-volume spectrophotometer

Bibby Scientific | Added: 21 May 2012

Jenway has unveiled the Genova Nano, a 3-in-1 life science, standard and micro-volume spectrophotom…