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DP5 Network can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone, or any other network connected device

Remote sample management unchains scientists from their lab bench.

Added: 1 Nov 2023

Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols, DP5 Network rack decoding software from Ziath…

CryzoTraq 2-ECT tubes are made from non-cytotoxic and non-mutagenic plastic resins

Externally threaded cryogenic sample storage tubes.

Added: 16 Aug 2023

The externally threaded design of Ziath’s 2ml CryzoTraq 2-ECT storage tube eliminates the risk of s…

The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziat

Fast and simple retrieval of whole tissue samples

Added: 1 Aug 2023

The Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker from Ziath is designed to select and pick wide, heavy, or ta…

High performance Mirage 2D barcode reader and Individual Access PCR plate

A powerful solution for PCR sample management in molecular diagnostics

Added: 11 Jul 2023

The Mirage 2D barcode reader from Ziath has been optimised for reading Individual Access 2D coded P…

CryzoTraq tubes from Ziath

Durable 2D barcoded tubes for low temperature sample storage

Added: 7 Jun 2023

High quality European manufactured CryzoTraq tubes from Ziath are designed for cryogenic storage of…

Datapaq Mirage 2D barcoded tube whole ra

Productive, error-free 2D tube rack reading

Added: 7 Jun 2023

At around one second for a full 96 position rack, the high-speed reading and error-free decoding of…

Ziath's Datapaq Mirage 2D barcoded tube whole rack

Productive, error-free 2D tube rack reading

Added: 22 May 2023

Error-free decoding from Ziath’s DataPaq Mirage 2D tube rack reader is processed in around 1 second…

The Ri-Track Mirage can reliably read ice-covered 2D barcoded racks

RFID tagging technology streamlines cryogenic sample management

Added: 30 Apr 2023

Ziath launches the Ri-Track Mirage 2D barcoded tube whole rack reader, which uses proprietary Radio…

DP5 Network software

Network-enabled remote sample management.

Added: 4 Apr 2023

DP5 Network from Ziath uses high-speed, web-based communications protocols for 2D rack decoding sof…

Sample management ‘on the move’ using DP5 Mobile

Sample management on the move

Added: 3 Mar 2023

Ziath has launched a new version of its DP5 Network application, enabling tube barcode readers and …

Ziath’s next generation DataPaq Handheld 2

Wi-Fi enabled handheld tube reader

Added: 13 Feb 2023

Ziath has launched its next generation DataPaq Handheld 2 tube reader – designed to be held and ope…

Ziath has been acquired by Azenta

Ziath acquired by Azenta

Added: 9 Feb 2023

Sample management specialist Ziath has announced its acquisition by Azenta Inc (Burlington, MA, USA…

ZSL's collection includes samples donated from many diverse sources

Creating a zoological specimen biobank

Added: 6 Jan 2023

Ziath has donated 2D-barcode scanners, software, and barcoded sample tubes to the Zoological Societ…

Amsterdam-based AGDx is using Ziath’s Mohawk semi-automated tube picker to retrieve DNA samples

Fast and accurate DNA sample selection

Added: 8 Dec 2022

A leading Dutch genome diagnostics lab is using Ziath’s Mohawk semi-automated tube picker to retrie…

Ziath tools are helping Colorfix develop the dyes of the future

Accelerating Development of Sustainable Textile Dyes

Added: 17 Nov 2022

Rapid 2D barcode rack readers and automated tube picking equipment from Ziath are helping Colorifix…

Samples is designed to make adding and searching sample information quick and simple

Entry-level Sample Inventory Management Software

Added: 21 Oct 2022

Samples from Ziath is a management tool designed to provide first rate sample organisation for labo…

The Mohawk 48 uses forty-eight solenoid pins to enable a specific tube to be raised and selected

Fast and simple picking of whole tissue samples from storage

Added: 12 Sep 2022

Ziath has launched the Mohawk 48 tube selector and picker, designed to select and pick wide, heavy,…

Ziath will be showcasing new products in the coming months

Sample Management Innovation on Tour

Added: 12 Aug 2022

Ziath will be exhibiting its latest DP5 range scanners and readers at laboratory and automation eve…

The Ziath Duo

Dual capability coded tube reader

Added: 14 Jul 2022

Ziath launches Duo – a dual capability coded tube reader which combines the 2D-barcode reading tech…

Ziath's latest catalogue introduces Lux

Life Science Sample Tracking and Management

Added: 12 Jun 2022

Ziath’s latest catalogue provides an informative technical introduction to its extensive range of i…