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Correct weight handling with carbon-tipped tweezers

Measurement science goes back to nature for landmark change

Added: 14 Nov 2018

As expected, more than 60 leading scientists attending the General Conference on Weights and Measur…

Beth Thomas, 23, Reactor Chemistry Engineer at EDF Energy.jpg

Chemistry failing in battle for STEM recruits warns industry survey

Added: 15 Feb 2018

Shortcomings in academic teaching are making it harder to recruit STEM students as professional che…


Chemical looping technology transforms shale gas without emissions

Added: 3 Jan 2018

Engineers and scientists at Ohio State University have developed a method of converting shale gas a…


Cambridge scientists produce clean hydrogen from biomass

Added: 13 Mar 2017

Scientists at the University of Cambridge claim to have developed a method that uses nanoparticles …

A step toward renewable diesel

Engineers move a step closer to renewable diesel

Added: 18 Jan 2017

Chemical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have genetically reprogrammed…

High res carbon nanotube

Carbon nanotubes could extend nuclear reactor life

Added: 3 Mar 2016

Research conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests small amounts of car…


Enzyme study tackles biofuel efficiency

Added: 2 Mar 2016

A team of researchers has made a ‘significant step’ in understanding the processes naturally-occurr…

Anaerobic fungi

Bovine biomass could ‘revolutionise’ renewables

Added: 22 Feb 2016

A team of UK researchers at Harper Adams University is looking at how fungi found in a cow’s stomac…


Nano Particle Size, Molecular Weight and Zeta Potential DLS Analyzer from Micromeritics

Added: 22 Jan 2016

Outstanding performance, sensitivity, compact bench-top footprint, and intuitive software make the …

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Laboratory Testing

Added: 16 Dec 2015

Designed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and largely immune from viscosity, the Atra…