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DNA-In Neuro Transfection Reagent offers researchers a cost effective, robust and easy-to-use DNA de

Efficient neural transfection reagent

Amsbio | Added: 6 Jan 2015

Amsbio announces DNA-In Neuro - a transfection reagent developed specifically for maximum nucleic a…

Amsbio Ebola

Ebola antigens and antibodies for ELISA

Amsbio | Added: 19 Dec 2014

Amsbio has announced several products suitable for the development of an ELISA detection assay for …


Ibuprofen "unlikely" to expand human lifespan

Added: 19 Dec 2014

Expert claims ibuprofen use is unlikely to extend a human’s lifespan, though its use was beneficial…

Ebola virus particles

53 existing drugs block Ebola, researchers find

Added: 17 Dec 2014

According to new research, a rapid drug screen has identified over 50 existing drugs which could be…

Ebola virus

Ebola spread-prevention urged, despite evidence

Added: 16 Dec 2014

A new research article suggests that men in recovery from Ebola should not have unprotected sex for…

Imperial College London to open new data lab with partners Huawei

Big data project to capture MS experience

Added: 11 Dec 2014

Researchers will utilise big data analysis to track the lives of those living with multiple scleros…

Breaking Through Impenetrable Barriers

Drug "may partially relieve" spinal injury

Added: 3 Dec 2014

Scientists in the US have developed a drug that could lead to a revolutionary new class of spinal c…

The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

Personal genome service launched in UK

Added: 2 Dec 2014

Genetics firm 23andMe has announced the launch of its Personal Genome Service (PGS) designed to giv…

Freeman tweet

Review speeds access to 'medical breakthroughs'

Added: 20 Nov 2014

Life sciences minister George Freeman will today discuss the success of the UK life sciences strate…

Social media could be used to curb HIV

Editor's comment: Big data or better drugs?

Added: 30 Oct 2014

If data taken from social media posts can be used to help curb the spread of HIV, will those most s…

Pinmap of Tweets Related to HIV in the US

Curbing HIV with social media

Added: 29 Oct 2014

’Big data’ taken from social media posts could be used reduce the spread of diseases such as HIV, a…

Ebola virus particles

Union calls for Ebola drug funding

Added: 27 Oct 2014

The survival rate for those who catch Ebola is roughly 30%, suggesting immunity to the disease is p…

DiaSpect Tm haemoglobin analyser

Hand-held diagnostics analyser

EKF Diagnostics | Added: 24 Oct 2014

EKF Diagnostics to launch sepsis biomarker and POC haemoglobin analyser at Medica 2014.

Modern drug discovery

The best medicine: modernising drug discovery

Added: 24 Oct 2014

Unravelling the mysteries of human biological processes will help us develop medicines that can be …

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is offering automated methods to improve processes and throughput in n

Automated next generation sequencing kit

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences | Added: 24 Oct 2014

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is offering automated methods to improve processes and throughput in …

Blood products from AMSBIO are available in a large variety of formats

Blood-derived products from Amsbio

Amsbio | Added: 24 Oct 2014

Amsbio has expanded its range of human blood-derived products including whole blood, serum, plasma,…

Ebola virus

Editor's comment: The end of Ebola?

Added: 22 Oct 2014

As both Senegal and Nigeria are declared Ebola-free, is the deadly virus that has swept through muc…


AbbVie-Shire deal falls through

Added: 21 Oct 2014

AbbVie’s £32 billion takeover of drugs firm Shire has been terminated, both companies have confirme…

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Diarrhoea drug "shows promise"

Added: 20 Oct 2014

A new drug designed to reduce the symptoms associated with chronic diarrhoea has shown promise in a…

GSK drug discovery boost

Experimental drug Bill gets government backing

Added: 20 Oct 2014

A new law which would give dying patients access to untested medicines has received backing from th…