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Novum SLE

Synthetic sorbent for simplified liquid extraction

Phenomenex | Added: 7 Oct 2014

Phenomenex has introduced its first synthetic sorbent for simplified liquid extraction (SLE).

C2P is designed for use with preparative liquid chromatography

Crude2Pure claims world first

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments | Added: 15 May 2014

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) has launched Crude2Pure (C2P) as the world’s first automated …

The Fritsch range of sieve shakers is designed to provide solutions to every application.

Fritsch sieve shakers

Fritsch | Added: 21 Feb 2014

The Fritsch range of sieve shakers offers three instruments designed to provide reliable and long l…

The Membrane Chip Interface comprises a porous PTFE membrane mechanically secured between two microf

Membrane Chip Interface from Dolomite

Dolomite Microfluidics | Added: 29 Oct 2013

Dolomite has launched a Membrane Chip Interface, designed for in-line liquid-liquid separation, liq…

Whitehouse Scientific’s Sieve Aperture Size Calculator is now available in flash drive format

Whitehouse calculator available on flash drive

Whitehouse Scientific | Added: 9 Jul 2013

The Whitehouse Scientific Sieve Aperture Size Calculator is now available in flash drive format and…

Affinity filters and supports

Porex introduces affinity filters and supports

Porex | Added: 23 May 2013

The range of porous materials enhances functionality through surface modification or sorbent additi…

The centrifuge adaptor loaded on a rotor.

StemXtract provides effective separation of cord blood

MSE (UK) | Added: 22 May 2013

MSE has launched an adaptor designed to deal with varying volumes in umbilical cord stemcell extrac…


Hoefer introduces electrophoresis power supply

Hoefer | Added: 21 May 2013

The PS600 power supply is designed for electrophoresis and various blotting techniques.

Protein expression and purifications services from Creative Biomart

Protein expression and purification from Creative Biomart

Creative Biomart | Added: 15 May 2013

The company offers protein expression and purification for assays, target validation and high throu…

Joint BioEnergy Institute

Separation technique could improve biofuel production

Added: 10 May 2013

A new technique for pre-treating cellulosic biomass with ionic liquids could bring down the cost of…

Two-phase extraction

Old separation technique outdoes HPLC

Added: 2 May 2013

NIST researchers have opted for two-phase extraction over HPLC to separate carbon nanotubes.

FFF principle

Flow factor

Added: 1 May 2013

With traditional chromatography techniques reaching their limits in nanoparticle separation, Field-…


Microfluidic device separates non-spherical bioparticles

Added: 18 Apr 2013

World’s first microfluidic device to effectively separate non-spherical bioparticles has been devel…


Improved production technique for membranes

Added: 16 Apr 2013

Finnish researchers have developed a novel membrane production technique to improve water filtratio…

Stem cell separation device closeup

Adhesive differences enable stem cell separations

Added: 9 Apr 2013

A novel separation process could expand production of stem cells generated through cell reprogrammi…

Improved supercritical fluid extractor

Supercritical Fluid Technologies | Added: 8 Apr 2013

The model SFT-110 builds upon the features of its predecessor, the SFT-100.

Watching nanometer fluid flow

Added: 8 Apr 2013

MIT researchers have discovered that nanowires can lift liquids as effectively as tubes.

Marta Pereira Morais

Electrophoresis technique could identify diseases earlier

Added: 2 Apr 2013

Scientists have developed a novel technique that could be used in blood tests to detect a range of …

miVac concentrator

Protein concentration prior to separation

Genevac Ltd | Added: 19 Mar 2013

The miVac sample concentrator from Genevac provides an alternative to membrane centrifugation techn…