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Pyroprobe 6000

Analysis of cannabis oil using pyrolysis and GCMS

Added: 11 Sep 2019

Performing successive thermal treatments with an Analytix CDS pyrolysis system, interfaced directly…

OI analysis VOCs

OI Analytical analyse energy drinks for VOCs using purge and trap sample concentration and GC-MS

Added: 30 Jan 2017

OI Analytical has analysed samples of energy drinks to evaluate the concentrations of volatile orga…


Triple Quadrupole GCMS Achieves Sensitivity Down to Femtogram Level

Added: 12 Oct 2016

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched the GCMS-TQ8050 triple quadrupole gas chromatograph ma…

GCMS-QP2020 high-sensitivity gas chromatograph mass spectrometer

High-sensitivity GCMS for outstanding performance

Added: 10 Jan 2016

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has launched the GCMS-QP2020 high-sensitivity gas chromatograph mas…