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New LabVIEW toolkit for machine prognostics

National Instruments | Added: 3 Nov 2011

NI expands capabilities in machine prognostics and health management

NI offers cameras for industrial inspection tasks

National Instruments | Added: 25 Oct 2011

National Instruments (NI) has introduced the NI 177x smart camera range.

USB isolator protects PCs from harmful voltage

Phidgets | Added: 11 May 2011

Phidgets has released the 3060 USB Isolator, which protects PCs from harmful voltage (up to 1kV) th…

Solving compliance issues within clinical trials

Exco InTouch | Added: 5 Jan 2011

Exco Intouch claims that, with heightened regulatory standards and increasing trial complexity and …

Sensor offers compass, accelerometer and gyroscope

Phidgets | Added: 1 Jun 2010

Phidgets has released the 1056 Phidgetspatial 3/3/3 motion sensor, which combines a compass three-a…

DAPL 3000 operating system for DAQ and control

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 24 May 2010

Microstar Laboratories has released the DAPL 3000 operating system (OS), a software platform design…

Poll considers mobile patient reported outcomes

Exco InTouch | Added: 7 May 2010

A poll carried out by Exco Intouch has suggested that mobile patient reported outcomes (Mpro) are r…

Phidgets launches 1120 - Flexiforce adapter

Phidgets | Added: 4 Mar 2010

Phidgets has released the 1120 - Flexiforce adapter, which is said to make it easy for users to con…

Amplicon web shop provides specialised instruments

Amplicon | Added: 8 Feb 2010

Amplicon has launched its test and measurement web shop, intended as a fast, secure way of providin…

NI and Denso collaborate on robotic-arm design

National Instruments | Added: 10 Dec 2009

National Instruments has announced it will integrate its measurement and vision technology with Den…

Labwindows/CVI 2009 delivers C Interface support

National Instruments | Added: 10 Dec 2009

National Instruments has released Labwindows/CVI 2009, the latest version of the Ansi C development…

Panasonic selects NI PXI hardware and Labview

National Instruments | Added: 24 Nov 2009

Panasonic engineers are using National Instruments hardware and software products for the automated…

Exco Intouch - latest company news

Exco InTouch | Added: 22 Oct 2009

4 November 2009 - Exco InTouch has been awarded runner-up accolades at the 2009 European Outsourcin…

Simultaneous sampler protects from ground loops

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 10 Sep 2009

Microstar Laboratories has announced its simultaneous sampling product that protects applications f…

Microstar develops data acquisition system

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 25 Aug 2009

Microstar Laboratories has released the XDAP 7400 semi-autonomous data acquisition system.

React Cell platform improves patient retention

Exco InTouch | Added: 18 Aug 2009

Exco Intouch has announced that its React Cell secure mobile data capture platform has improved pat…

Kane to distribute Smartvue systems in the UK

Kane Computing | Added: 13 Jul 2009

Kane Computing (KCL) has signed a dealer agreement with Smartvue Corporation of Nashville to sell i…

Phidgets releases servo motor controller

Phidgets | Added: 13 Jul 2009

Phidgets has released the 1066 Phidget Advanced Servo 1-Motor, which allows users to control the po…

Seminars show value of ePro in clinical trials

Exco InTouch | Added: 11 Jun 2009

Exco Intouch's recent electronic patient reported outcomes (ePro) seminars highlighted the shift fr…

SI module monitors simultaneous signals

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 8 May 2009

A signal interface (SI) module that lets the user monitor signals simultaneously from up to eight 4…