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Latest Articles

Admet releases Expert 81T torsion testing machines

Admet | Added: 13 May 2009

Expert 81T torsion testers

Admet updates Gauge Buster Digital Indicator

Admet | Added: 13 Feb 2009

digital indicator

Admet offers calibration and maintenance contracts

Admet | Added: 5 Dec 2008

Calibration and maintenance contracts for UTS

Admet improves the Micro EP palm-sized UTMs

Admet | Added: 31 Oct 2008


Admet introduces Dforce fatigue tester

Admet | Added: 26 Sep 2008

Dforce fatigue testing machine

Mtestquattro replaces Admet's Mtestwindows

Admet | Added: 22 May 2008


Unit calibrates digital load cells

Admet | Added: 17 Apr 2008

Gauge Buster Calibration Unit

Actuator-controllers for custom testing machines

Admet | Added: 3 Mar 2008

Servo-hydraulic actuator-controllers


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