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The aim of WISP is to produce new and novel wheat germplasm

Wheat genotyping collaboration

Affymetrix | Added: 20 Jan 2014

Affymetrix and the University of Bristol have collaboratively designed a wheat genotyping array.

The 90,000 SNP array will enable complex trait research and set the stage for multi-trait, marker-as

Affymetrix delivers Axiom strawberry array

Affymetrix | Added: 4 Nov 2013

 Affymetrix, Inc. has launched the Axiom strawberry genotyping array , designed to enable high-reso…

Collaboration gives solutions for genomic research

Affymetrix | Added: 31 Aug 2009

Affymetrix/Beckman Coulter collaboration

Expanded genomic technologies licensing programme

Affymetrix | Added: 19 Apr 2004

General company product range

First 100,000 SNP arrays become available

Affymetrix | Added: 6 Apr 2004

GeneChip Mapping 100K array set

New evidence for genome link in bipolar disorder

Affymetrix | Added: 2 Apr 2004

GeneChip Mapping 10K

Tools to accelerate information-based medicine

Affymetrix | Added: 1 Apr 2004

General company product range

Single rat array for whole-genome expression

Affymetrix | Added: 24 Mar 2004

Rat genome 230 2.0 array

Updated whole-genome Drosophila array

Affymetrix | Added: 19 Mar 2004

GeneChip Drosophila Genome 2.0

Completion of smallpox array set

Affymetrix | Added: 23 Feb 2004

GeneChip smallpox array set



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