Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems
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120 Birchwood Boulevard

Latest Articles

Taqman PCR assays detect viral pathogens

Applied Biosystems | Added: 26 Nov 2009

Taqman real-time PCR assays

Genetic analyser generates high-quality data

Applied Biosystems | Added: 22 Oct 2009

3500 series genetic analyser

Applied Biosystems - latest company news

Applied Biosystems | Added: 23 Sep 2009

Mass spectrometry business stake

Study to analyse pancreatic and ovarian cancer

Applied Biosystems | Added: 31 Jul 2009

Pancreatic and ovarian cancer study

Sciex mass spectrometers detect food contaminants

Applied Biosystems | Added: 7 Jul 2009

Sciex mass spectrometers


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