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Asynt’s ReactoMate ATOM CondenSyn MAXI system are being used at Revive Eco

Waste extraction process offers sustainable alternative to Palm oil

Asynt | Added: 29 Jul 2022

Asynt’s ReactoMate ATOM jacketed lab reactor and CondenSyn MAXI system are being used by Revive Eco…

Asynt’s DrySyn Vortex overhead stirrer system

Powerful Parallel Reaction Stirring System

Asynt | Added: 29 Jul 2022

Incorporating an energy efficient drive mechanism, the compact DrySyn Vortex overhead stirrer syste…

CondenSyn MAXI

Scale up chemistry, scale down water consumption

Asynt | Added: 6 Jun 2022

Developed in response to customer demand and suitable for larger scale synthetic chemical reactions…

CondenSyn waterless condenser from Asynt

California University Lab Moves to Reduce Water Usage

Asynt | Added: 7 Apr 2022

The installation of Asynt’s CondenSyn waterless air condensers throughout teaching labs at the Depa…

The LightSyn Illumin8 with additional LED module

Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation

Asynt | Added: 16 Mar 2022

Asynt has introduced a modular version of its LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactor, providing researchers…

DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit shown with M16 adapters

Compact Multi-position Reactor Kit for Low Temperature Chemistry

Asynt | Added: 27 Feb 2022

Asynt has introduced the DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit for labs conducting low temperature che…

Dr Zongyuan Zhu from the Process Intensification Group, University of Newcastle, UK.

UK scientists apply pressure to develop sustainable and affordable catalysis for production of biorenewable chemicals

Asynt | Added: 14 Feb 2022

The Process Intensification Group, within the School of Engineering at Newcastle University, UK is …

AMT clean room operation using a Coflore® flow reactor fed by an efficiently stirred vessel in a ReactoMate ATOM stand.

Easy Vessel Switching for Scalable Flow Chemistry System

Asynt | Added: 15 Dec 2021

Asynt has supplied AM Technology Ltd (Runcorn, UK) with two ReactoMate ATOM lab reactor support sta…

The Asynt fReactor with Photo Flow modules is suited to handling multiphasic solid-liquid and gas-liquid photochemical reactions.

High Productivity Photochemical Flow Synthesis

Asynt | Added: 25 Nov 2021

A team of experts at the Institute for Process Research and Chemistry (iRPD) at the University of L…

ReactoMate Quick-Release Couplings

Glass reactor accessories minimise downtime for vessel changeover

Asynt | Added: 20 Nov 2021

Asynt has introduced two kits designed for scale-up laboratories looking to minimise downtime when …



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