Weinfelderstrasse 113

Latest Articles

Biotool offers bench-top micro centrifuge

Biotool | Added: 11 Aug 2009

Flexifuge Mini Centrifuge

Biotool e-Loop provides annealing without a flame

Biotool | Added: 12 Sep 2008

e-Loop micro-incinerator

PC20 media preparator increases productivity

Biotool | Added: 25 Oct 2007

ProfiClave PC20

Gradual scale up for Petri dish media processing

Biotool | Added: 6 Dec 2005

Tec Classic Line

Petri dish filler for uninterrupted work flow

Biotool | Added: 16 Sep 2005

Petriswiss PS900P

Precise and reproducible dosing

Biotool | Added: 9 Mar 2005

DosiPump DP1000

Automated petridish filling system is affordable

Biotool | Added: 1 Feb 2005

Petriswiss Mini PS20


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