Cadama Medical
PO Box 3059
West Midlands

Latest Articles

Conjugate stabilisation: LowCross-HRP

Cadama Medical | Added: 18 Feb 2008


EIA kit for the measurement of soluble CD163

Cadama Medical | Added: 24 Oct 2007

EIA kit for soluble CD163

Updated software for the LightScanner

Cadama Medical | Added: 31 Jan 2007


Recombinant protein catalogue from Cadama Medical

Cadama Medical | Added: 7 Nov 2006

Cadama Medical has recently launched a catalogue of its complete offerings of recombinant proteis f…

Buccal swab genomic DNA extraction in UK, Europe

Cadama Medical | Added: 9 Feb 2006

Gerard Biotech genomic DNA extraction kit

Ireland's first automated elispot reader

Cadama Medical | Added: 5 Dec 2005

AID elispot reader

Midi prep kit will blow you away

Cadama Medical | Added: 27 Oct 2005

Hurricane Midi Prep


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