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Chemometec introduces fluorescent microscope

Chemometec | Added: 18 Mar 2010

Nucleocounter NC-3000

New CEO at ChemoMetec

Chemometec | Added: 4 Oct 2006

Claus Resen Steenstrup has, as of 1 August 2006, been appointed new CEO of ChemoMetec

ChemoMetec expands into Asia

Chemometec | Added: 4 Oct 2006

To strengthen the ChemoMetec sales organisation and to fulfill its strategy of being closer to its …

Fast yeast cell counter for the brewing industry

Chemometec | Added: 13 Dec 2005

NucleoCounter YC-100 Beer

Counting cells in bull semen

Chemometec | Added: 5 May 2005

NucleoCounter SP-100

Somatic cell counting in milk made faster

Chemometec | Added: 22 Apr 2005

NucleoCounter SCC-100

Fast local yeast cell counting

Chemometec | Added: 25 Feb 2005

YC-100 Compact

Fast yeast cell counts

Chemometec | Added: 2 Dec 2003

NucleoCounter YC-100


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