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Biofocus and DNS to work on brain disorders

Galapagos | Added: 5 Jan 2009

Biofocus DPI, the service division of Galapagos, and Dart Neuroscience LLC (DNS) have announced col…

Morphosys and Galapagos to codevelop antibodies

Galapagos | Added: 28 Nov 2008

Morphosys and Galapagos have entered into an alliance to codevelop novel therapeutic antibodies in …

Merck Serono to use Softfocus compounds

Galapagos | Added: 21 Nov 2008

Galapagos has announced collaboration agreements with Merck Serono.

BioFocus DPI adds to its drug discovery services

Galapagos | Added: 28 Aug 2008

Drug discovery services

Galapagos expands relationship with AstraZeneca

Galapagos | Added: 9 Aug 2007

Galapagos has announced that its service division, BioFocus DPI, has entered into a new drug discov…

Target discover deal produces results

Galapagos | Added: 8 Feb 2005


Target discovery alliance in asthma

Galapagos | Added: 7 Feb 2005

General company product range

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