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Instron launches the AutoX 750 Automatic Contacting Extensometer

Instron launches AutoX 750

Instron | Added: 12 Jun 2013

The AutoX 750 Automatic Contacting Extensometer claims to support faster, more reliable materials t…


Flow testers provide advanced quality control

Instron | Added: 12 Oct 2012

The latest modular Instron CEAST Melt Flow Testers perform measurements according to ISO 1133-2.


BioCoat protects testing systems

Instron | Added: 29 Jun 2012

Instron’s BioCoat protective cover prevents fluid spilled or leaking from temperature baths.

Melt flow tester has up to five selectable weights

Instron | Added: 9 Nov 2010

CEAST MMF Multiweight 7028

Systems allow sensitive testing of biomaterials

Instron | Added: 7 Sep 2010

Series 5940 single-column tabletop testing systems

Testing accessories catalogue now in third edition

Instron | Added: 21 Mar 2007

Materials testing accessories catalogue

Instron launches new advanced video extensometer

Instron | Added: 21 Feb 2007

Advanced video extensometer (AVE)

Superior plastics testing at an affordable price

Instron | Added: 13 Feb 2006

Plastics testing system


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