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Facial analysis system reveals invisible blemishes

Moritex | Added: 18 Dec 2008

Facial Stage DM-3

Digital microscope gives 1 to 500x magnification

Moritex | Added: 15 Dec 2008

MSX-500Di Digital Microscope

Halogen lamps suit image processing applications

Moritex | Added: 21 Nov 2008

MH halogen lamp light sources

Schott launches tender offer for Moritex

Moritex | Added: 8 Oct 2008

Schott has announced that it will launch a tender offer for Japanese optical equipment maker Moriteā€¦

Telecentric lens offers ultra-high image quality

Moritex | Added: 19 Sep 2008

5M-HR telecentric lens

Moritex unveils anti-ageing treatments at expo

Moritex | Added: 22 Aug 2008

Clarity Skin Adviser System 1000

CCD Microscope aids inspection of gemstones

Moritex | Added: 21 Jan 2008

MSX-500Di digital CCD microscope

Borescope delivers clear high-contrast images

Moritex | Added: 20 Aug 2007

Hawkeye Pro Precision rigid borescopes


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