Opti-Pharma (UK)

Opti-Pharma (UK)
Lynwood House
56 Lynwood Cr

Latest Articles

Inspection and remedial service for laboratories

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 27 Oct 2011

Inspection and remedial service

Opti-Pharma provides refurbishment work

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 20 Apr 2009

Cabinet and fan system maintenance

Opti-Pharma offers walk-in fume cupboards

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 15 Sep 2008

Ducted walk-in fume cupboards

Fume cupboards and lab equipment support the 4Rs

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 8 Jan 2007

Opti-Pharma UK continues to stock fume cupboards and laboratory equipment which has been expertly r…

Downflow booths boost stock

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 26 Oct 2006

Downflow booths

Seeking a cure for sick laboratory syndrome

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 22 Sep 2006

Laboratory air quality monitoring

Coshh validation raises the standard

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 9 Jun 2006

Validation services

Refurbished biological safety cabinets offered

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 3 May 2006

Micro biological safety cabinets


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