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Latest Articles

Flanged cannula eliminates cranioplastic cement

Plastics One | Added: 18 Apr 2006

Flanged Cannula C313GFL

Back mounting adaptor

Plastics One | Added: 18 Apr 2006

E363/Back Mount

Straight body touch proof connector

Plastics One | Added: 18 Apr 2006

555 Touchproof Plug

Mini-DIN connectors keyed to prevent mismatching

Plastics One | Added: 18 Apr 2006

Mini-DIN connectors

Selected as one of Medtronic's top vendors

Plastics One | Added: 4 Apr 2006

The 200 plus shareholders/employees of Plastics One were very excited to learn in July of 2005 that…

It's a rat trap

Plastics One | Added: 5 Mar 2004

Rat brain matrices

Dem bones dem bones dem dry bones

Plastics One | Added: 2 Mar 2004

Magnetic targeting device


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