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Point Source - latest company news

Qioptiq | Added: 1 Jul 2010

Latest company news

Qioptiq completes acquisition of Point Source

Qioptiq | Added: 19 Mar 2008

Qioptiq, an optical designer and manufacturer, has completed its acquisition of Point Source, a spe…

Point Source acquired by Qioptiq

Qioptiq | Added: 19 Feb 2008

Qioptiq has entered into an agreement to acquire Point Source, a specialist producer of fibre optic…

World's first integrated multi-laser engine

Qioptiq | Added: 30 Oct 2007

iFlex-Viper II

World's first 'black-box' multi-laser engine

Qioptiq | Added: 19 Apr 2007

'Black-box' multi-laser engine

Diode laser is stable and reliable

Qioptiq | Added: 25 Jan 2005


UV laser has high quality circular beam

Qioptiq | Added: 19 Nov 2004

UV direct beam laser

Improved performance from lasers

Qioptiq | Added: 27 Oct 2004


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