Q Chip
Cardiff Medicentre
Heath Park
CF14 4UJ

Latest Articles

Expansion sees Q Chip move to new facility

Q Chip | Added: 16 Oct 2008

Q Chip, a developer of microencapsulation solutions, has officially opened its new corporate headqu…

Ken Powell named as executive chairman of Q Chip

Q Chip | Added: 1 Feb 2008

Ken Powell Named as Executive Chairman of Q Chip.

Bacterial identification accelerated by ReaX assay

Q Chip | Added: 19 Nov 2007

ReaX assay 16S beads

PCR reactions made more robust and reproducible

Q Chip | Added: 5 Oct 2007

ReaX Assay beads

Reliable microfluidics device saves waste and cost

Q Chip | Added: 21 Aug 2007

Q Chip MicroPlant

If chips are too big, put the lab in a bead

Q Chip | Added: 24 May 2007

ReaX lab-in-a-bead


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