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HPLC column storage | Added: 14 Feb 2014

HPLC ColumnStore is a low cost and effective way to store 30, 60 or 90 HPLC columns.

Delta 1000 syringe infusion pump

Syringe pumps from | Added: 5 Feb 2014

Syringe pumps are small pumps operated by driving a syringe via a very precise motor. Changing the …

Inside a Centrifan system

Small volume sample evaporator | Added: 6 Jan 2014

The Centrifan PE is a small volume evaporator and sample concentrator which simplifies small volume…

Allegro peristaltic pumps

Allegro peristaltic pumps from Labhut | Added: 10 Dec 2013

Peristaltic pumps are used for a wide range of applications for life sciences, industrial, R&D, liq…


Hand-held GC delivers immediate results | Added: 26 Jul 2012

The Frog 400 is capable of analysing environmental BTEX to 1 PPB levels  in less than 6 minutes.

Safe lab storage for HPLC columns | Added: 13 Dec 2010

HPLC Column Store from Labhut

Verticality tester meets ASTM requirements | Added: 7 Oct 2010

Digital verticality tester

Generating calibrated gas standards in the field | Added: 27 May 2010

ES4100 Gas Standards Generator

Labhut highlights liquid autosampler at Analytica | Added: 15 Mar 2010

HT800L liquid autosampler

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