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Tecan has collaborated with smart lab provider Labforward

Tecan and Labforward join forces to offer digital documentation of plate reader experiments

Tecan (UK) | Added: 16 Jul 2020

In a collaboration with Tecan, smart lab provider Labforward introduces Well Plate Templates and th…

Tecan automated liquid handling at AACC 2013

Tecan (UK) | Added: 17 Oct 2013

This short video from Tecan, who exhibited at AACC 2013, showcases its latest features, expertise a…

Reporting advances in genomics and proteomics

Tecan (UK) | Added: 16 Dec 2004

General company product range

Reader serves multiple functions

Tecan (UK) | Added: 10 Dec 2004

Genios Pro

Microfluidic assay on a CD

Tecan (UK) | Added: 21 Oct 2004


Automate pipetting in life sciences

Tecan (UK) | Added: 12 Oct 2004

Freedom Evo 75

Lab scale automated solutions for cell biology

Tecan (UK) | Added: 13 Sep 2004

General company product range

Fast and scalable multi-channel pipetting

Tecan (UK) | Added: 2 Sep 2004

Freedom Evo96R, Evo384R

Fluorescence assays on microplate readers

Tecan (UK) | Added: 11 Aug 2004

General company product range


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