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Latest Articles

Tecan pipetting arm

Air displacement pipetting arm

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 21 Oct 2013

The Air LiHa from Tecan uses air displacement technology to provide rapid, high quality pipetting f…

Tecan syringe pump

High performance syringe pump

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 17 Oct 2013

The Cavro XCalibur pump from Tecan is designed for precision liquid handling operations in the 5 µl…

Robust liquid handling robot

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 26 Jun 2013

This short video from Tecan Group Ltd shows the versatility of its Cavro Omni Robot which is design…

Tecan and IBBL

Automated buffy coat isolation from Tecan and IBBL

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 29 Jan 2013

Tecan and the Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) have co-developed a platform for buffy coat e…


3D cell culture solutions for cellular assays

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 7 Jun 2012

Reinnervate and Tecan have signed an agreement to develop automated solutions for 3D cell culture.

Tecan's adapter plate benefits cellular research

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 16 Aug 2011

Multichannel Arm (MCA) 384

Sample preparation system for proteomic research

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 27 Jun 2011

Sample preparation system

Disposable tips released for liquid-handling arm

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 27 May 2011

Sterile purity disposable tips

Microplate reader for luminescence-based assays

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 24 May 2011

Infinite M1000 multimode microplate reader


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