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Resolve Optics’ Model 363-000 16mm diameter Short Wavelength Infrared lens

Optimised SWIR Lenses for Material Sorting and Inspection

Resolve Optics | Added: 14 Jun 2021

Resolve Optics is receiving a growing number of orders for instrument-optimised versions of its Mod…

Resolve Optics will be at PHOTONEX 2015

Focus on design for Resolve

Resolve Optics | Added: 20 Jul 2015

Resolve Optics will be focusing on its specialist lens design service for machine vision applicatio…

Resolve Optics has experience of developing optical systems that will operate up to 950°C without t

Athermalised optical systems

Resolve Optics | Added: 11 Jul 2014

Resolve Optics can design and manufacture high performance lenses able to undertake sensing, detect…

Array of Resolve Optics non-browning lenses.

Space ready zoom lenses

Resolve Optics | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Resolve Optics has supplied non-browning zoom lens to the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (…

Resolve Optics can design and manufacture lenses that exactly match camera performance and image for

Replacing the irreplaceable

Resolve Optics | Added: 4 Apr 2014

Resolve Optics provides a specialist lens design and manufacture service to replace hard to source …

Resolve Optics non browning lenses provide high image resolution and minimum geometric distortion fr

Lens enables nuclear monitoring

Resolve Optics | Added: 25 Mar 2014

Resolve Optics has supplied lenses to enable the supply of fully integrated radiation tolerant came…

The lens uses special glass that can withstand long-term exposure to radiation

Radiation resistant lens

Resolve Optics | Added: 28 Jan 2014

The Model 192 Non Browning 6x Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics has been designed to operate in areas s…

The Model 207 Motorised Miniature Zoom Lens from Resolve Optics Ltd. can focus on an object at infin

Motorised lens for underwater welding

Resolve Optics | Added: 19 Nov 2013

A variant of Resolve Optics’ Model 207 miniature motorised zoom lens enabled the manufacturer of re…

Small surveillance lens

Small surveillance imaging lens launched

Resolve Optics | Added: 1 Nov 2013

Designed for use with 7mm (1/4-inch) diameter remote head cameras, the Model 230 Covert Surveillanc…

The Resolve Optics Model 320 is offered in a choice of 40, 80 or 120mm focal lengths

Lens launch from Resolve Optics

Resolve Optics | Added: 12 Sep 2013

Resolve Optics has added the Model 320 Thermal Imaging lens to its range.


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