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The WAS Quantitative ICP Scan Service provides information on elements present at 10-100 ppm right u

Quantitative ICP-Scan service

Exeter Analytical | Added: 2 Jul 2014

Warwick Analytical Service (WAS) has introduced the Quantitative ICP-Scan, a service that determine…

The Model 440 is a static combustion CHN Elemental Analyser with horizontal furnace design

Identifying an optimal biofuel

Exeter Analytical | Added: 24 Apr 2014

Exeter Analytical Model 440 Elemental Analyser can provide precise percentage Carbon (C), Hydrogen …

The Model 440 is capable of determining percentage carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen levels in almost an

CHN analyser for contract research

Exeter Analytical | Added: 14 Feb 2014

The Model 440 CHN analyser from Exeter Analytical is aimed at contract research organisations becau…

Carbon fibres are extremely difficult to completely combust and analyse due to their very high melti

Carbon fibre composite analysis

Exeter Analytical | Added: 26 Nov 2013

Exeter Analytical has developed proprietary techniques for its Model 440 CHN analyser to enable det…

Introduction to CHN microanalysis technique

Exeter Analytical | Added: 7 Nov 2013

Exeter Analytical has produced a video that provides an informative introduction to the technique o…

Exeter Analytical's Model 440 Elemental Analyser is designed to provide a fast and precise analytica

Fast and precise biomass analysis

Exeter Analytical | Added: 17 Sep 2013

Exeter Analytical’s Model 440 Elemental Analyser is designed to provide a fast and precise analytic…

Look and See scan service

Warwick Analytical provides scan service

Exeter Analytical | Added: 7 Jun 2013

The ‘Look & See ICP Scan Service’ is designed to provide information on elements present at 10-100 …

Carbon cycle

Analysis of organic and inorganic carbon levels

Exeter Analytical | Added: 9 May 2013

The Model 440 CHN elemental analyser determines carbon levels at different parts of the cycle.

Sample preparation technique from Exeter Analytical Inc.

Sample preparation technique from Exeter Analytical

Exeter Analytical | Added: 13 Feb 2013

Technique determines the percentage of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen in difficult to analyse volat…


Optimised CHN analyser for service laboratories

Exeter Analytical | Added: 31 Jan 2013

The Exeter Analytical Model 440 CHN analyser is capable of routinely analysing almost any sample ty…

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